Right Of Equality

Police Brutality

What is police brutality?

Police brutality is when police are treating innocent people bad for no good reason. Like police been killing innocent people for example Michael Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, and Ezell Ford. Using excessive force, being physical, verbal attacks or psychological intimidation by police.

Police Brutality in Mexico

  • Twenty-eight bodies have been recovered after mass shooting in Iguala
  • They are believed to be some of the 43 student protesters who disappeared after being forced from a bus by police
  • Students gave themselves up because they thought they would be arrested.
  • Police hit students while arresting them.
  • They were scared of being shot so they gave themselves up
  • 28 bodies have been found in a pit
  • At least 32 bodies found
  • Two gang hit man admit killing 17 of the missing students
  • Police helped the cartel
  • 22 local police been arrested

Police Brutality In United States

  • Freddie Gray was a man who was arrested for no good reason
  • Died from spinal injuries
  • Gray didn't resist arrest so the officers didn't have to use force to arrest him
  • Freddie was unable to walk or talk in police station
  • Reckless endangerment to manslaughter and second-degree murder
  • Freddie was complaining that he was unable to breathe but they denied medical assistance
  • Sex police were suspended and found guilty
  • He was found unresponsive in van
  • Illegal arrest and misconduct
  • It caused a big riot in Baltimore


Baltimore Riot: People are having a riot or "protest" to stop the murdering by police but yet they are hurting the police by using weapons or violence to stop the police brutality but they will make things worst.

National Police Accountability Project(NPAP): Its a non-profit organization of plaintiffs lawyers, law students and legal workers dedicated to ending police brutality. (http://www.nlg-npap.org)

American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU): (https://www.aclu.org/fighting-police-abuse-community-action-manual)

Communities United Against Police Brutality: (http://www.cuapb.org/)