Veterans Serving Veterans to Benefit the Veteran Community

A New Kind of Veterans Organization

VetPower USA is committed to local communities of veterans and dedicated to the personal success and dreams of achievement oriented Veterans.

Our Vision:

Veterans serving Veterans intelligently
to benefit the Veteran Community

Our Mission:

10,000 successful Veteran entrepreneurs

Our Purpose:

Arming achievement oriented Veterans for success
who desire to serve their fellow Veterans

Our Objective:

Merit-based, tuition free, open-access, personalized

training, coaching and mentoring
that systematically adapts to individual needs

VetPower USA
works with Sponsors, like Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs), religious congregations, businesses and others who wish to promote the growth and contributions of their achievement oriented Veterans and reap a harvest of positive outcomes for their communities.
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Launch a Business or Advance Your Career

VetPower USA is recruiting! Veterans . . . JOIN our Corps and help us through our shared commitment to make a real and positive impact on your life and the economy of your Veterans Community. Our goal is 10,000 Successful Veteran Entrepreneurs.

Take action now. Your current situation is not the issue.
Your FUTURE is the issue . . . Show your interest NOW!

Your future situation is what matters and we want to help. Get involved, don't delay. We've got your back with needs-based:

  • training,
  • coaching,
  • mentoring,
  • partnering
  • sponsoring

Veterans - step into a familiar structure, program, and process that leverages the outstanding elements of your military experience with other Veterans guiding the process to give each new 'recruit' a leg up on their future. Perhaps you'll like what we do so much you'll join our staff to pay forward and help other Veterans rise up.

We think they deserve that. Don't you?

Daniel Latch USMC ('69-'76)

Founder of VetPowerUSA

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Why Sponsor Participants

VetPowerUSA is designed for the good of Sponsoring Local Veteran Communities:


  1. Obtain an organizational force multiplier for productive impact in your Veterans Community and their local area
  2. Develop and empower tomorrow's leaders to grow and sustain operational relevance to attract new members and achieve critical outcomes
  3. Gain a new channel for optimizing the wheel of life across the Veterans Community
  4. Get recognized for raising members into greater personal success through training, coaching, mentoring and new leadership opportunities

  5. Boards of Directors layout their operational objectives and framework, identify and recruit applicants, and acquire Sponsorship skills as Sponsor-First Participants.
  6. Provide sponsorships, scholarships, and grants to achievement-oriented veterans and immediate family members over 18 who are active in their community
  7. Promote program benefits, operational objectives, and sponsorships to members.
  8. Provide any member with life-time access to a reliable, science-based, personal-professional development and change management system and associated training.

  9. Elevate the visibility and value of Participants they Sponsor.
  10. Create new opportunities for Participants to demonstrate their skils.
  11. Generate a pool of veterans who are trained as mediators, facilitators, trainers, coaches, and entrepreneurs who can be addressed to meet any challenge.
  12. Meet the needs of sponsored Veterans in their communities who seek to:
  • serve their local community of Veterans
  • increase their capacity for manifesting greater good in their community
  • magnify the value of their social and professional networks
  • happily live more fulfilled and balanced lives

Benefits are available to any member of the Veteran Community with Sponsorship into a personally rewarding journey of personal and professional development and service to other Veterans that is reminiscent of military service and advances success that is meaningful for both the Participant and Sponsor. Three or more Veterans may cross Sponsor as Participants when no organization is available.

Bio of Founder, Daniel E Latch

VetPower USA founder, Daniel Latch, is a rapid performance improvement professional and Vietnam Era Marine with a strong pedigree in military, technology, training and organizational development:

  • 12 years as USMC/DoD/NATO Aerospace Technologist, Trainer, Change Agent
  • 10 Years technical writer/trainer on Jets, telephony, ATMs, project management
  • 8 Years Division Director of Manufacturing Ops, IT, Training
  • 3 USMC/2 USAF commendations for improving readiness, performance, morale
  • 1987: Creator of 'The Wall Within' a healing performance on Vietnam and PTSD
  • 1991: Developer of integrative accelerated learning for welfare to work program
  • 2008: Credited for significantly contributing to the success of the USMC Urban Ops Training Program, The Mojave Viper, which reduced field casualties 200%
  • 2017: Launching VetPowerUSA: Veterans serving Veterans to help the Veteran Community