Thurmont Primary School News

February 2021, Volume 2

Principal's Message

Dear Families,

We were very excited to welcome our Cohort A students to school this past Tuesday. We were sorry Mother Nature interfered with our plans to see Cohort B students this week and look forward to them coming to school next Thursday and Friday. We are also very proud of our fully virtual classes who are building new routines and creating classroom communities.

I shared with staff that this is a historic time in education. While it certainly hasn't been without its challenges, it is important to recognize that each of you and your child(ren) are doing something that has never been done before. One day you will both be able to look back and tell stories about the time school was like it never had been before...and that's pretty cool! I hope you and your child(ren) take time to celebrate all you have accomplished this year. I shared with students I didn't do an online class until college so they are way ahead of me!

As always, please know we are here to support in any way we can. If you have questions, concerns or needs please do not hesitate to get in touch. We want to work together to make the end of the year one filled with smiles and success!

Yours in education,
Michele Baisey



TPS Celebrates All County Artists

We are excited to announce our TPS All County Artists who will represent our school at the annual FCPS Youth Art Month Show. A special thank you to Mrs. Riggs for her leadership in developing such talented artists.

  • Kindergarten - Clarabelle Despeaux - Gumball Machine
  • 1st grade - Mia Toth - Scarecrow in a Landscape
  • 2nd grade - Joclyn Cassidy - Crazy Hair Day Portrait

Congratulations to these special artists and all students who are working to develop their artistic talents!

TPS Celebrates Black African American History Month

TPS is excited to celebrate Black African American History Month with several special activities.

This week students heard about the contributions of Frederick Douglass (announcement linked here).

We invite you to share the story "She Loved Baseball: The Effa Manley Story" (linked below) with your child. This special read aloud is shared by Dr. Baisey.

We hope students enjoy learning about the many contributions of Black African Americans which are an important part of all of our history!

She Loved Baseball The Effa Manley Story

ELA News Flash (from Mrs. Yoder)

Engage in Conversations with your Child

Conversations with your child are so important now more than ever. With children spending so much more time on their devices to learn during the day, how can we encourage learning without the device? Simply having a conversation with your child helps to build their speech and language development.

Below are some ways for you to engage your child in conversations and make the most of the conversations you have with your child.

  • When your child starts a conversation, give your full attention whenever possible.
  • Make sure that you have your child's attention before you speak.
  • Play games with your child such as "house." Exchange roles in the family, with your pretending to be the child. Talk about the different rooms and furnishings in the house.
  • Play board games with your child. Board games are a great way to engage in conversations as well as learn to take turns. Board games can also encourage counting and other math and reading skills.
  • Take advantage of daily activities. For example, while in the kitchen, encourage your child to name the utensils needed. Discuss the foods on the menu, their color, texture, and taste. Where does the food come from? Which foods do you like? Which do you dislike? Who will clean up? Emphasize the use of prepositions by asking him or her to put the napkin on the table, in your lap, or under the spoon. Identify who the napkin belongs to: "It is my napkin." "It is Daddy's." "It is John's."
  • While shopping for groceries, discuss what you will buy, how many you need, and what you will make. Discuss the size (large or small), shape (long, round, square), and weight (heavy or light) of the packages.
  • Acknowledge, encourage, and praise all attempts to speak. Show that you understand what they are saying by listening and responding appropriately.
  • Pause after speaking. This gives your child a chance to continue the conversation.
  • Introduce a new word and offer its definition, or use it in a context that is easily understood. This may be done in an exaggerated, humorous manner. "I think I will drive the vehicle to the store. I am too tired to walk."
  • Encourage your child to give directions. Follow his or her directions as he or she explains how to build a tower of blocks or make a sandwich.

Spring Literacy Night

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 6:30 PM. Our Catoctin Feeder Literacy Specialists are partnering with the Thurmont Regional Library for our Winter Literacy Night. A flyer with more information and a link to join the virtual night is linked below. Children will enjoy a puppet show and other interactive literacy activities!

Spring Literacy Night

Free Meals During Hybrid Learning

We are excited to announce that the USDA has approved FREE meals for all children 18 years old and younger!

STARTING FEBRUARY 16, all FCPS schools will serve breakfast, lunch and supper (to-go) for FREE to all children learning in school buildings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

All meals will be individually wrapped or compartmentalized.

Free breakfast and lunch meals will be available to children in cohort A on Mondays and Tuesdays while they are in school and to children in cohort B on Thursdays and Fridays while they are in the school. On these days when students are learning in a school building, they can also take a free to-go meal home for supper that same day.

Due to the amount of food being distributed for the remainder of the days, we encourage families who want additional meals for the days when students are not in the school building learning (virtual days at home, weekends, holidays) to pick up the additional meals at the child’s school on a day when they are learning in the building or visit one of the open community sites listed below on Wednesdays and/or Fridays from 11am-1pm to pick up the additional meals.

Information on meal distribution can be found at:

Show Your School Spirit

Whether learning at home or coming into the building on hybrid days, we are all part of the Cougar family! Spirit days are one way we can proudly show we are all in this together. Please click the link below for some special days to celebrate in February.

February Spirit Calendar

March Spirit Calendar

And don't forget, every week we celebrate "Thurmont Thursdays" where you can wear school colors (blue and white) or clothing with school words (Thurmont or Cougars). We love seeing your school spirit shine!

Important Dates

Monday, February 22nd & Tuesday, February 23rd - Cohort A students report to school

Thursday, February 25 & Friday, February 26th - Cohort B students report to school

Monday, March 1st - 2 Hour Early Dismissal & Mid-Term for Quarter 3