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We Need Your Assistance

As a high powered texting individual, you have been invited to join a consumer research group. Your input could determine the future costs of texting for all Americans. Texting IS IT has decided to change the way we bill consumers for texting. Rather than charge an expensive monthly fee, we have decided to charge by the letters used in texting.

Research Requirements

The alphabet will be divided into three categories:

-Category A will contain ten letters that will be free of charge.

-Category B will also contain ten letters but there will be a minimal charge for these letters.

-Category C will contain six letters and will be double the cost of Category B.

Your assignment will be to collect data to determine which category to place all letters of the alphabet and what charges should be applied to Categories B and C.

Additional Information

You will be required to collect data, and probability will effect the letters you choose to place in each category.

After your data is collected, you will create a presentation using Checkthis.com or any other media to convince our representatives to use your data plan.

Your presentations should be complete by Tuesday, March 26, 2013. You will present your data plans Thursday, March 28, 2013.

Remember, in these tough economic times all Americans are counting on you to make informed decisions and to keep their texting costs as low as possible.

Texting IS IT Cell Phone Company

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Mary A. Palma, President