civil court

explain an experience in Charges in civil court

step 1 of my experiance

the first thing i had to do was get a lawyer to represent me in court to

step 2 of my experiance

my lawyer will file my compliant about my neighbor steeling my bike

the court has sent a summons to be answered

the defendant has gotten a public attorney to answer to the complaint and is not very happy about it

step 3 of my experiance

the judge is hearing having a trial to hear our case now and is getting closer to verdict

step 4 of my experiance

the judge has come to verdict and i do not think its fair he has stated that the defendant is not guilty. because he failed to tell me during the preponderance of my evidence that they did not reach his standards to count as evidence

step 5 of my experience

after that i have decided to appeal to a higher court (court of appeals) to see if they will here my case and proceed in the arbitration of it.

step 6 of my experience

they told me my lack of hard evidence is a mediation in this case so i got pictures of the crime from a security camera

step 7 of my experience

finally we got to the pretrial conference with new hard evidence and everything went well and on the day of the trial the preceding went well in my favor as my neighbor was found guilty.