Inside Out & Back Again

Tanhha Lai

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Her family eat one time a day. They also can not drink to much because their is only one bathroom. They are told to sip water only when they must. Brother khoi stinked because he had a diead baby chick in his pocket. Then Ha gaved up her favorite doll she wrapped  the chick to the doll and let the doll with the chick down to the ocean.
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Ha planted a seed to grow a papaya tree. After the papaya tree started growing some papayas starting geting good. Ha got a papaya and open it and she said that the little black balls looked like fish eyes slippery shinny and black. Ha's brother Quang is the oldest and he is twenty-one. Her papaya tree has grown twice as tall as she stands on her tippy toes. Ha loves her papaya tree ever until she lives it there.
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