Points of Pride

August 4, 2017

We did it!!!!

Happy Friday,

Is it just me or is the first week always the longest?

I cannot thank you all enough for your flexibility and willingness to help where needed! Meet the Teacher went over great, despite all of us losing significant "water weight," and the first week has gone well.

As I was walking around rooms this week I noticed a lot of relationship building and review of procedures. Both of these are critical to success in the classroom. Throughout the year when you feel yourself feeling frustrated with student behavior, schedule time in your day to review these rules and procedures.

Please know that I try my best to be in classrooms everyday. Sometimes I will sit, sometimes it will be me, just passing through. If it's an independent work time, I like to ask the kids questions about what they are working on, or what they are learning about. These are my ways to build relationships with the students and you.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend (away from school). You all worked hard and deserve it!


PS..Sorry, I was bad at taking pictures this week, but I will get better :)

Curriculum Night....

PLC for this week might be a good time (with not many standards to go over yet) to establish what you want to present for curriculum night. Things to remember:

  • Start bribing the kids now, send the dates home to parents. I will be adding it in my email that goes home this weekend.
  • For some kids, this will be the only time we get to see their parents. Explicitly lay out what you want them to be doing in order to help their kid. I think sometimes we "speak teacher" (for example, most parents don't understand what Harcourt reading is) to them. If we want a partnership, we need to meet them where they are.
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