Adams' Weekly News

This Weeks Highlights

Sports Equipment Drive

Our classmate Andre, designed a charity project for our grade-level. We are partnering with the Illumination Foundation and collecting Sports Equipment and canned goods for Homeless Youth in Orange County. All donation items can be brought in starting tomorrow. :)

State Float Project

Recently we have learned what to do for our State Float by receiving a instruction sheet that explains what information we should include. Don't forget to remind you child that the float project must be mobile by adding wheels.

Persuasive Essay

This past week, we have wrote about who we think should be Person of the Year. On Tuesday, we went on an app called Padlet and wrote our person of the year nominee and we wrote all at least three character traits about the person. We will vote as a class for our top two choices, and then write a persuasive essay about who we think should win. There were many amazing nominees and it was hard to choose!

PicCollage "Mini" Book Project

Last week, we began building our collage about a book, non-fiction or fiction through an app called 'PicCollage.' So far, must of our class has stated 10 important details/facts about the book. This mini book project is due March 31st. Students have a handout with requirements.


This week we started the physical fitness test. We will be doing several activists to complete the the physical fitness test for the state. This week we did push-ups and flexibility.
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