Literacy Practices & Programs

A closer look at effective literacy programs and practices.

Explicit Vocabulary Instruction (2 types)

Direct Instruction in Word Meaning

  • Using dictionaries
  • Memorizing definitions
  • Creating semantic maps to show relationships

Instruction in Strategies to Promote Independent Vocabulary Acquisition Skills

  • Analyze semantic and syntactic clues
  • Use context clues
  • Utilize prior knowledge to derive word meanings


Vocabulary Instruction NEEDS to Take Place in ALL Content Areas!


  • Dedicate time to explicit vocabulary instruction (connected to learning!).
  • Provide repeated exposure to new words in multiple contexts.
  • Give opportunities to use vocabulary in many ways- discussion, writing, and extended reading.
  • Provide students with strategies to make them independent vocabulary learners.
  • Support teachers in learning the types of words to select and teach.

Writing About Reading

1. Students Should Write About What They've Read

Personal Responses, Analysis, & Interpretations

2. Teach Students the Writing Skills and Processes Create a Text

3. Increase How Much Students Write!