Happy New Year!

Off to a GREAT start!

Routines and Nap Time

We started off the year with a bang! Well, until about Wednesday of that first week back. Then the kids were begging for a nap time....and their teacher liked the idea! So during inside recess one day, the kids had the option of taking a nap. You'll see below several students actually fell asleep!

Student Teacher and Research

Our class welcomed a new student teacher, Ms. Latone, when we came back from our break. Ms. Latone is a senior at Texas A&M. She will be with us until April. She is doing a fabulous job! As you can see below, she has been helping us with our nonfiction book. We made a class book about Rainforests as a model of what the students would be doing. Now, the students are working on their own nonfiction book. We have been researching and taking notes. Next week we will hopefully finish our final draft. Our school is so blessed to have enough ipads for each student to be able to research their own topic.


Thank you for those of you that are reading with your child every night. I know life is busy, but you are investing so much when you read with your child. Don't forget a reading passage goes home each week in the Monday folder. It is due every Friday. The timed reading of the passage helps with fluency, which is reading like you talk. I saw the picture below on Pinterest, and I had to share! Keep up the great work. I'm so blessed to have your child in my class this year.