Preventative Care

By: Jared Ezzell


Mammograms screen for Breast Cancer by taking an X-ray of the breast. Women ages 40-44 should be screened for breast cancer annually. Women 55 and older should get screened every 2 years.


Pap Smears

A medical test that helps doctors figure out if there are problems with a girls cervix. They use a brush to wipe a sample of mucus from the cervix. Once girls turn 21 they should get a pap smear annually.


Testicular Exams

An easy way for guys to check if they have any unusual lumps that could be testicular cancer. At age 15 guys should start checking every month so they can become familiar with the size and shape of the testicles or know when something is irregular


Prostate Exams

Prostate exams search for prostate cancer and try to find it early on so you can try to get treatment for it. Doctors recommend that men between the age of 40-70 get prostate exams every year.