2nd Grade Class News

Mrs. Gaudette, Miss Holden, Mrs. Karstaedt, Mrs. Mitchell

Week of December 7, 2015


Fictional Books

For the third week of reading fictional books, students will be given the 'gift of reading'. They will choose a book that they will practice reading throughout the week that they will then read/perform for the class the following week. Part of practicing and then performing a book will include their use of emotion, different voice styles as well as drawing the audiences attention to certain characteristics of how the text is written or how a character may look.

The following Friday, students will share their book and 'give their peers the gift of reading' - all in the spirit of Christmas!


Students will finish the unit of 7 and prepare for a unit test at the beginning of the week. Within the following unit, students will begin to really zoom in on the r-controlled vowels (ar, or, er, ir and ur). The students will learn how to recognize and mark-up these r-controlled vowels within their words.


Fictional Stories Being Revised

This week students will be reviewing their writing pieces thus far and deciding which story they would like to take and revise to add in certain story elements. One of the literary elements that students will add is dialogue of their characters. Students will be encouraged to write dialogue that fits their character, for example, a bully would not say something 'kind', instead they would use more demanding, harsh tones. Lastly, students will learn how to write an ending to their story by adding in a moral or a life lesson.


Measurement in Word Problems

For our third week of studying measurement, students will begin to solve measurement word problems. Students will continue to use their four-point word problem as their guide to solving the problems. Our four-point word problem includes:

  1. Write the equation 4+4 = 8
  2. Choose a strategy to solve (number line, base ten, or expanded form)
  3. Correct Answer
  4. Units (inches, centimeters, yards, or feet)

Social Studies & Science

As a continuation of this week, students will use a flip-book that they've created to then make their own powerpoint of our Government Branches. Students has so far learned that the three major branches of government are 1. Legislative, 2. Executive, and 3. Judicial as well as the individuals and agencies that work under each of these branches.

At the end of the week, students will share their findings through a Powerpoint, with their classmates.

Specials Schedule


Monday: Art

Tuesday: Computer

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE

Friday: Media


Monday: PE

Tuesday: Media

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Computer

Friday: Music


Monday: Music

Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: Media

Thursday: Art

Friday: Computer


Monday: Media

Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Computer

Thursday: Music

Friday: PE

Mark Your Calendars!

December 7th

Progress Reports go out!

December 16th

Young Author's Submissions due to Ms. Swift

December 18th

Early Release @ 11:30 am

December 21st - January 3rd

Winter Break - No School