Time Travel

Evidence of Time Travel

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Time Travel Hipster

This man was found in a photo that was took somewhere in between the 1800-1900. You see a crowd dressed in old-fashioned clothing, then there's this dude in shades, wearing a t-shirt with a logo on it. If you look real closely at what he's holding, you can see that it's what seems to be a camera. Could this be proof of time travel?
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Thomas Dunn

This man that you see in both pictures is Thomas Dunn, which, in my opinion, is one of the most mysterious time travelers. In the first picture, he is shown standing in the 1900's somewhere. Around him are people dressed in old-fashioned clothes. In the next picture, you see him in a crowd at John F. Kennedy's celebrations-thingy before his assassination. Around him are people wearing formal clothing, and he's standing there with a flower shirt-thing. Comparing the pictures, those are two completely different time periods. Below is a video that just might convince you if you aren't convinced.
Real Time Traveller *PROOF* Evidence of Time Travel In Our Universe.

More Evidence

And the last piece of evidence I'm gonna put in here is just a video showing incidents that proved that time travelers were real. I also attached a link at the bottom of this page so if you're just curious and want to learn more about time travel, you can click on that link and it'll take you there.
10 Real incidents that proves time travelers exist