Ashley Joerg

What is HIV and Aids?

Aids is a life threatening condition caused by HIV virus.

HIV is a virus transmitted from contact with infected blood and many other contact with people.

How do you get HIV/Aids?

If you have unprotected sex with someone how has HIV , Also you can get it from child birth, sharing needles, blood transfusion even though its rare, breastfeeding, organ transplant, and occupational exposure.

How do you know you have HIV/Aids?

HIV has few to know symptoms for up to 10 years or more where symptoms of aids start to show.

Is there a cure for HIV/Aids?

No one yet has come up with a cure but treatment is available..

What if your pregnant and you have HIV?

Without treatment about 25 out of 100 babies with mothers who have HIV there babies will also be infected. The use of HIV medicines, cesarean delivery, and refraining from breastfeeding can reduce the risk of transforming HIV to less than 2 out of 100.

What percent of people are living with HIV in sub Saharan Africa?

sub Saharan africa alone accounted an estimated 70 percent of all people living with


Did the percent ever go down for sub Saharan Africa?

The number of infections in 2011 was 25 percent less than the number in 2001.

What was the first treatment drug for HIV/Aids?

In 1987 a drug called AZT was approved for the first treatment drug. Ever since then around 30 drugs have been approved to treat people living with HIV/Aids, and more are under development.