period 6 cesar herrera & david jung


vampires have been feared for centuries and the count has figured out a way to trick people into believing that he is just some old man. beneath all that charm the count has a dark and twisted soul, something straight out of hell that has been feared by millions. Dracula posses a multitude of powers, shapeshifting , unnatural strength , and immortality but can be easily killed by a stake through the heart or even weakened by a little sunlight. even though he posses the power to control the weather he can no enter someones home with ought being invited in. he is one of the most feared creatures on the plant yet can be rendered obsolete by mere words


through out the novel stoker uses some form of comparison between east and west to show how far advanced the technology in the Victorian era has come. from the way the character Dr.Seward kept his journal in the form photography, to the means of transportation used in the first few chapters of the book (trains) by our main character and many more . all these innovations pointing to a more advanced society for that time in history.

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How to kill a vampire

There are multiple methods on how to kill vampires. Now there are misconceptions on some methods like sunlight for instance. Sunlight just weakens vampires and does not allow them to be at their full power. the first step on how to kill a vampire is with a wooden stake through the heart. Next would be to use silver and decapitate them. with a decapitated head there is no chance that a vampire could some how come back to life. so if you ever find yourself trying to kill a vampire use these helpful tips and save yourself

what does a vampire look like ?

vampires don't look that different from regular human beings. Since they are considered "the undead" they look the same as they did when they were alive, however they do change somewhat when they feast on the blood of the living. Since vampires are granted immortality the have the ability to change their appearance to match those of their current time period. contrary to popular belief vampires can shape shift into any animal that they please not just a bat like we see in the movies or books. vampires are the only immortal shape shifters in folk lore .
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