James River Hall

Staff Meeting 4/5/2016


  • Highs and Lows
  • Any announcements?
  • How was AFD?

Agenda items

  • In-Service next week so no staff meeting (bring resume)
  • You will get the closing signs at the in-service (april 12th)
  • Banquet this weekend @7 in the ballroom. Wear white.
  • HD candidates, please sign up via the google doc
  • Spring staff welcome next Wednesday @10 in MCM 101
  • Closing checklist
  • RA desk help during finals
  • God the Mother
  • Reference Review
  • Audit...for real this time

SRA items

  • Fill out the doodle!
  • Exam week scheduling

JR items

  • Thoughts on Making Meaning Week?
  • JR buddies
  • Litbug


  • Kudos to Kierra sticking around the desk for her whole shift.
  • Kudos to Arlyn & Julia for being proactive as well as timely when it came to their task for the Building Wide Event.
  • Shout-out to Sydney for being very thorough with instructions on how the FDA can promote the Building Wide Event :)
    -Lit$quad Advisor
  • Kudos to Andrew for being a kind soul!
  • Kudos to Julia for always coming and talking to me in my room when she has duty
  • Kudos to Julia for letting me use 75 cents when I went down the desk and had an "emergency" (I actually just wanted to buy a bag of cheetos but only had a quarter
  • Kudos to ben for getting an amazing opportunity with the peace corps!!!!!!
  • Kudos to Sam for cutting his hair. You look very HANDSOME :)
  • Have any of you seen the new movie called Constipation?...That's because it hasn't come out yet. LOLOLOLOLOL
    But for real you guys rock.
  • Kudos to everyone for the 12 am fire drill! #JRislit
  • Kudos to everyone who responded to the fire alarm, and congrats to anyone that was able to miss it
  • Kudos to all of us for sticking together and working hard this entire year!
  • Kudos to Julia for always being a great duty partner and sitting with me! You are amazing and I can't imagine our staff without you <3
  • Kudos to everyone for trying to push through the semester! We are going to make it! #theseprofessorscantholdusback
  • Kudos to everyone woken up by the fire alarm on Sunday

Weekly puzzle

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