Shakespeare's loved ones

Had many girlfriends. He was a major f-boy

Shakespeare's many loves

Shakepeare was a player because he messed around with many girls .We found out, At 18, Shakespeare had a baby and he was forced to marry Anne Hathaway(Love).this show that he is sleeping around.We did research and found out , "That Anne Whately was Shakespeare's true love but that Anne Hathaway's pregnancy forced his hand(Love)". This show that he didn't give love to Anne Hathaway,he just wanted to have sex with her.When he married Anne Hathaway he was to young because,"William was still a minor and in need of his parents permission to marry"(Love).Even when he was young he didn't give a crap.when we research him again we found this,"The Shakespeare's first child was Susanna, christened on May 26th, 1583, and twins arrived in January, 1585"("Shakespeare's Biography: Information on Shakespeare's Parents, Siblings, Career as Actor, Children, Marriage, Death, Will, Influence, and Much More...").

Church law at that time forbade marriage between Advent Sunday (December 2nd in 1582) and mid-January, and so on the 27th November a special marriage licence was obtained from the consistory court in Worcester(Love).