August Dresses Update

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QC Review

Update on 14823

After checking through 600+ restocks of this style we have finally separated the old style of this dress from the new style (restocks). 26 dresses were found that were the old style, so we have decided to proceed with the new style on the site. The dress has been re-photoed and will be launching back onto the site soon!

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Vendor to Watch : Sunny Girl

I have noticed many quality issues recently with Sunny Girl. From odor to stains the quality has not been up to par. As one of our strategic vendors I feel we really need to focus on the quality of Sunny Girl's overall quality so we can give our customer's the best garments possible!

Freeway and Gemini Design Duplicates

Recently I was informed that a Freeway and Gemini dress was a copy of a Closet design that we already were selling on the site. In the coming month we should keep and eye out for this issue, not necessarily just from this vendor but from any vendor.

August Vendor Problems

↓ 12 from July

We saw a lower month with altogether deliveries. Hence the lower number of VPs. The biggest issue is the SS/OS. The majority are ones that could have been easily avoided had the vendor let us know ahead of time. The plan line could have been changed, and it could have been an easy fix.

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64 Total

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August Compliance

  • There were 36 compliance issues logged by the Intake department this month.
  • The biggest issue, by far, is Smart Sorting, but there were also a good deal of poly bag issues in this month’s list.
  • The 4 biggest offenders on compliance are Ark & Co, Fun2Fun, Downeast Basics, and Double Zero.

NOTE: These numbers reflect ALL apparel, not just Dresses.

Good vs. Bad

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We received a dress from Lulumari which length was shorter than our standards. I reached out for a discount and to remind them of our standards in the vendor manual. I asked for $1.75 off per unit for this discrepancy. This was followed by a quick reply from Daniel Song saying that was he very sorry about the inconvenience and offered a $2.00 discount instead, because they really love working with our company. I have never received such a pleasant response from a vendor.

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With little or not response from Hourglass Lilly, they are my choice of vendor that need to work on things. Four emails have been sent about a particular style, with absolutely no response. I have spoken with someone from Hourglass Lilly using that email address, so I am sure it is correct.

Returns Information

Meg Reinecker - Returns Representative

As promised, here is the new returns section of the monthly newsletter. Meg has done an awesome job compiling and sorting through and adding the important information. If there is anything you wish to see in next months newsletter do not hesitate to ask!

Top 3 Return Vendor Offenders

Out of the 1,365 returned items I've compiled (vendor, style number, size & comment) July-August, there were definitely a few stand-out vendors, as well as specific dresses, consistently being returned. Given the orders I accessed for this time period, Minuet, YA and O'Sher were the biggest repeat offenders.

I'm honored to have the opportunity to share this information with all of you, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback!

Top 3 Frequently Returned Dresses

Straight from our customers

Here is a letter that was included in a return from a customer.

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Care ModStylists in Customer Care

Quality and fit issues from our customers

Recurring customer requests

  • longer dresses in the work attire category
  • more dresses with pockets
  • more muted color options
  • more dresses with linings

Customer Quotes

How may we help you?

"Actually, I'd like to give you some styling assistance. I know that sounds rude. I don't mean that your styling is bad. In fact, I wouldn't bother if I didn't think ModCloth has some awesome designs. I just want to tell you what I like and a little about what I don't like. !. SLEEVES! Can we please get them? I am plus-sized and would prefer to cover at least halfway down to the elbow these days. I'm not happy about that. I'm not bragging, but wait until you are 54. We plus-sized women are starving, starving for a little style, some decent fabrics and construction and you've got some here. You're getting close in a lot of ways. I can't help it if I'm not your target demographic. I took a little survey of dress sleeves in the first 300 regular dresses and the first 300 plus-size dresses that show up. I only counted things that were definitely at least elbow length. There were 20 of 300 in the regular sizes and 14 and a half in the larger sizes. I think most of us, both plus and minus, would like more sleeves. 2. There is entirely too much polyester here, especially in the plus-sized merchandise. The tops are a nightmare. I wanted to do my sleeve length survey with the tops, but I started in the plus department and I couldn't go on. It made me a little sick. There are great uses for polyester, one of which must be drapey, stripey, blouson things that don't go with most of the fashion on ModCloth. Silk would work for these and probably some rayons, if you're putting forth that swill because of price points. On the other hand, I saw so many dresses that could easily have been made of cotton or rayon that weren't. They should be. Incidentally, there are people who like some of the drapey, wavy, flowy synthetic stuff and buy it because of that. Then there are people who fall in the middle and buy it because they don't have other good choices that do drape and cover. Not to mention that since they are not so pretty or flattering, there are more left at sale time and so they can be had for less money. That group is probably the largest group. I belong to the group on the other end. I avoid polyester whenever I can. If you want me to buy stuff made out of polyester, it needs to be in a blend with natural fibers, well-made, well-conceived and hopefully, flattering. Well, I forgot 3. We are all a little bit lucky about that. Please pass my message on to other people at ModCloth. I know you probably don't have any kind of power over these things and I'd like to have somebody read it who is involved in stocking the store and in the ModCLoth "brand." Sorry, I remembered point 3: The sizing on the 1, 2, 3, and 4x sizes almost always run small. What's up with that? Change the chart, dudes. Love Kathy."

Dear ModCloth, I am an avid plus-sized fan of your website and styles. However, I have really struggled in the last two months to find a fabulous dress to wear to my cousin's wedding. I ordered and returned three boxes of disappointment, and finally had to settle for a not-very-mod but much-more-flattering lace Adrianna Papel dress from Nordstrom. I understand that you don't produce your own designs and purchase them from various designers, but I would still like to give feedback on fit. Some dresses, like the Toastess with the Mostess dress, are frustrating because even with sizing up per ModCloth directions, the dress is too tight in the hips and too loose in the bust. Like I said to my mom, the dress zipped, but it certainly didn't fit through the hips. Other dresses fit fine through bust and waist but because they were so short they puffed out at the hips, making me feel overlarge (ex. When the Night Comes dress). Additionally, when you constantly have to size up dresses that run small, you rather quickly run out of size options. I am a 2x, but have to frequently size up to 3x, and with dresses like Toastess with the Mostess, wanted to size up further for a much more flattering fit but couldn't because the size doesn't exist. I loved that dress so much that I was prepared to tailor the overlarge bust if the hips had fit. I don't know how much power you have to work with your designers to reform how plus size patterns are drafted and graded, but I thought I'd send feedback anyway. I really love ModCloth and if I could, I would buy all my clothes from you guys. I am desperately trying without much luck to be a loyal customer. This run of bad luck with dresses has really put a damper on my excitement, however, and to be frank, although Nordstrom's fashions are not as youthful or fabulous, they have figured out how to carry designers who can cut a great, flattering plus sized dress. Perhaps you can take a cue from some of the designers they carry. Thank you very much, Emily Schlenker

#TBT When we were young!

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Introducing Elizabeth Farina, our new Dresses Category Fit Specialist!

Oh yes, you read that correct! We have added a new aspect into the growing Dresses category! Liz is very excited to be a part of this category! And we are happy to have her! She is already hard at work on what the Fit side of things should include. Welcome to the group Liz!