Expansion in the United States

Chelsea Sawyer

The Lousiana Purchase

It all started with the Louisiana Purchase. On April 30, 1803, the United States bought 800,000 square miles from France extending from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. The purchase doubled the size of the United States and allowed Americans free access to the Mississippi River.

Manifest Destiny

There was a 19th century doctrine that the United States had the right to expand in North America. It wasn't an official government document, but it led to the Homestead Act which encouraged people to move West. John O' Sullivan said that it was America's "manifest destiny to overspread the continent."
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Manifest Destiny (continuted)

In this picture, it shows people headed westwards. A common way of transportation was by a horse and wagon. A lot of people chose to make this journey.

Annexation of Texas leading to the War for Texas Independence

In 1843, the British were opposed to annexation and contemplated the use of force to prevent it. Even though England didn't want it to be part of the British Empire, they still wanted to prevent western expansion, reap commercial advantages, and tamper with the United States tariff system. Soon enough, under President John Tyler, Texas was annexed by the United States and admitted into the Union as the 28th state. This angered the Mexicans and immediately led to the Mexican War.
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War for Texas Independence

This picture shows the amount of land the Texas Annexation acquired. Even though the United States was done with conflict with England about Texas, they had to deal with Mexico next.

The Mexican War

The annexation of Texas angered the Mexicans because they claimed Texas as their own country. On May 9, 1846, the word got out that Mexican forces ambushed two of General Zachary Taylor's companies along the Rio Grande. Congress had to appropriate the funds needed, and the war began. The war lasted one and a half years, and the US easily won because of their superior artillery and leadership.
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Mexican American War

This picture shows one of the many battles of the Mexican American War. In this picture, it is clear that the Mexicans are being dominated by America. Mexico had more men down.