5.02: Risk Management & Insurance

Different Types of Insurance

1. Workmans Compenstation

Protects employees if the bcome ill or injured on the job

2. Health Insurance

Provides protection against expensive individual health care

3. Hospital Insurance

Medical insurance that covers a stay at the hospital

4. Surgical Insurace

Covers all or part of a surgeons fees

5. Regular Medical Insurace

Covers non-surgical care

6. Dental Insurace

Covers main dental work (examinations, X rays, cleaning, and filling),dental injuries resulting from accidents, and part of complicated dental work (crowns and bridges).

7. Comprehensive Medical Policy

Most common group health insurance policy that combines the features of hospital, surgical, regular, and major medical insurance.

8. Vission Care Insurance

Covers eye examinations, prescription lenses, frames, and contact lenses. It may cover laser eye surgery.

9. Life Insurance

Protects the survivors against financial loss asociated with death.