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Back, poasts

There are 2 poasts and you can kick the ball throw the midel.The forwads are the pepol that score and the midel are the pepol that defend and score.The back is when you defend and tackle.


There difrents tems over the world.Some times you play in stadums and some times you don't.
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Sixteen teams were invited to participate in the inaugural tournament in 1987, however since 1999 twenty teams have taken part. Japan will host the next rugby world cup

The six naitions

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 3:30pm to Saturday, March 19th, 11:45pm


Go and wach it in Ireland

Wales players

Dan biggar,Gorge North Leigh Halfpenny,Jaime Roberts,Sam warbunton,Toby flautau,Cory Alien,Alun wyn jones,Gethin Davies,Alx cuthbert,Jake Ball,Bradly Davies,Gareth Davies,Jonathan Davies,Dan Lydiat,Samson Lee,James King,Ken Owens,Justin Tipuric,Liam Williams

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