Old Town Star Staff News

March 9th through March 28th

Remember To Take Time To Treat Yourself This Weekend!

Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids

Our ROCK STAR of the Week Is...

Lauren Glover, one of OTE's Star Art Teachers!!! You are entitled to a week long jeans/shorts pass and the "traveling parking space trophy!!!" CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!!

A little about Mrs. Glover...

How many years have you been an educator?

5 years

Tell us about your family....

I'm married to another creative person! My husband plays music and cooks great food! My mom is a teacher and lives in the Northeast. My dad is a lawyer who lives in Houston. I have one brother who lives in Georgetown.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to draw, listen to music, read, travel, garden, and watch movies.

What's the one thing you enjoy most about working with students and/or families at Old Town?

I love inspiring students to create beautiful art!

Tell us about one strength you possess.

I'm outgoing and like to laugh.

*If you haven't already done so, please tell us a little about yourself here!

Weekly Reminders...

A friendly reminder to..
  • Be sure your hall and classroom displays are current and that your classrooms are organized. Many elementary principals will be walking classrooms on Tuesday morning!
  • Check Room Master Calendar for reservations and to avoid schedule conflicts!
  • Wait until after 8:30 to send students for bus passes, send/bring items, phone calls, etc... The office is too busy to meet all of these different requests before 8:30am.
  • Check out the Old Town Art Exhibit at the RR Public Library!
  • Celebrate Star Texan behavior with a Positive Referral located in the staff lounge!
  • Be sure your hall and classroom displays are current:-)
  • Complete Teacher Self Report Pt. 2 & 3 in eduphoria by Friday, March 13th

Our Next Week...

Monday, March 9

Mya’s Coaching Day

Kg Round Up 9-2 & 5-6:30pm

Tuesday, March 10

Horizontal Team Planning Science w/ Dr Jackson

All RRISD Elementary Principal’s on Campus Today!

Team Planning 5th and 2nd

PTA Staff Luncheon – Taco Bar

Student Council Mtg 2:45

Wednesday, March 11

Mya’s Coaching Day

Early Release 12:45

A Closer Look At Writing: On Demand Writing Prompt pt. 2 1:10pm

Thursday, March 12

ARD Mtgs. (see separate schedule)

Georgia's off campus (AP Mtg)

½ day collaborative planning 3rd AM & Kg PM

OTE Times Mtg 3pm

Friday, March 13

CAT Mtg 8:00am

SST’s Kg – 2nd

Mya’s off campus 10:30-1:30 (Council of PTA Luncheon)

Round Rock Drums Program 1pm (K, 1, 2, 3, 5)

“Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses” -Marilyn vos Savant

Link of the Week!

Here are some online number frame manipulatives - would be perfect for the SMART slate!! http://www.mathlearningcenter.org/web-apps/number-frames/

Kudos to this Week's Staff Stars...

What another full and exciting week!!!

BIG THANK YOUs to all K_2 Teachers for your AWESOME work in leading another exciting Open House. Our Texans were super proud to show off their learning!

A Special THANK YOU to Lauren Glover, Kelly Peters, Kathy Callaway for encouraging our parents to take the climate survey! We can't wait to see the response analytics for this week!

Warm affirmation to Jyl Gibson, for sharing your learning in a recent STAAR Math training with our fourth grade team!

A Special SHOUT OUT to our Safety Patrol for your efficiency in helping keep our students safe in this CRAZY FREEZING WEATHER...you all did it all with a continuous smile on your faces!!!

As always, THANK EACH OF YOU for your hard work and your commitment to delivering world class instruction to our Texans despite some of the challenges we may face!!!


The Week After...

Monday, March 16-20

Spring Break

3/21 Happy Birthday Kati Vaclavik!

Sunday, March 22

Happy Birthday Sadia Tabassam!

Monday, March 23

Mya’s Coaching Day

TELPAS online testing opens 2nd – 5th

Happy Birthday Haley Lechtenberger!

Tuesday, March 24

Camp Write A Lot – Café 8:40am

Elementary Art Exhibit begins – RRISD PAC

4th grade Parent Alamo Trip Info Night 6pm

Regular RRISD Board Mtg 6pm

Wednesday, March 25

Mya’s Coaching Day

Star Store 3rd – 5th grade

Kg – 5th loading for report cards due today

Popcorn Day

Vertical Team Mtg 3:05pm

PTA Executive Board Mtg 6:30pm

Thursday, March 26

ARD Mtgs. (see separate schedule)

Kona Ice 12:45pm

OTE Times Mtg 3pm

Happy Birthday Isebel Doran!

Friday, March 27

CAT Mtg 8:00am

Campus Write A Lot – Café 12:50pm

SST’s 3rd – 5th

Elementary Art Exhibit ends – RRISD PAC

Saturday, March 28

Elementary Music Festival 11:30am (PAC)

RRISD PIE Foundation Gala 6pm

Old Town Elementary Mission

To highly engage ALL learners in a collaborative atmosphere of critical & creative thinking