Harlem Renaissance


ST. Valentines day massacre

The massacre was about gangsters fighting and it was ruled by Capone and Moran. During the massacre there were the fake cops that where gun men that where sent by Moran and they went to garage and killed 7 people. Also the people really thought that the gun men where real police officers and they did everything that the gun men told them to do, so then after that they got killed.

Great Depression

In 1929 to 1941 when the great depression started everyone went crazy and everything was out of control. They where out of control because all the banks had to close and some people went to the bank and with drawl there money, but some didn't because they were to late and so who ever didn't with drawl there money where bankrupt. Every thing was affected because the great depression ruined the stock market because it crashed.

Babe Ruth Home-Run Record

Babe Ruth was born on February 6. 1895 and was known as the greatest baseball player who ever lived and hit the 60th home run of the baseball season September 30, 1927. In 22 season, Babe Ruth set a record of 714 home runs. Many of Babe Ruth's numerous records for both pitching and hitting lasted for decades. Until this this day Babe Ruth is still a HUGE part of history and will forever be. Babe Ruth died on August 16, 1948 and will always be remembered.