Pack 94

End of Year Parent Newsletter:

Tiger ( 1st grade ) den / 3rd grade den

Thank you all for coming out to the picnic Saturday. If you were unable to attend, please see your den leader for rank badges and awards.

We have a good start on our 1st grade Tiger Den. Rich Radonis and John McNulty have graciously stepped up to lead one den. If you know of anyone interested in joining please contact me at

We are also looking to reestablish the 3rd grade den. We currently do not have a leader for that. If you would like to speak to me about it, please contact me.

Volunteer opportunities !

This is a volunteer run organization. And we need lots of hands to make light work.
Some involve paperwork, online shopping, some are hosting event. Pack wide events are usually weekends and all are expensible.
If we do not have volunteers for events I will be forced to cancel some.

Look at job descriptions here:

Tenative Calendar 2015-16

Voted on at Parents meeting:

September - Sunday 20 or 27th - Kick off Event

Obstacle Course done by Boyscouts to help recruit new members.
Pay dues $100, plus $50 if not selling popcorn.

October 16/17th - Pumpkin carving at Westmoreland

OCTOBER - Thunderbird games TBD by District

Nov 7th - Scout Sleepover at Natural History Museum
Costs is $120. I have reserved 20 spaces now, can add as needed.

DEC - 18 / 19th TBD - Cake bake off

We are trying to get a truck AND trailer for next year

Feb - Do second overnight? If interested and can get a host.

March - Bowl-a-Ree- TBD by district

April - TBD Pinewood Derby
* This year we are mandating a 9-10am car check-in to help with registration. Will return at 2pm-ish for race.

May cross-over for WeBeLos 2

June: end year fishing derby / picnic / honor court