Whiskered Screech Owl

By: Cody Miller and Ethan Stoltzfus

Small But Vicious

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Chapter 5 Of North American Owls pages 35 and 36

Chapter 5 pages 35 and 36 in the book " North American Owls" explains how long owls live and causes that makes owls die. Half of the baby owls die within one year of being born. The main cause of this is starvation. Also grown owls die by eating DDT that is in bugs. The Northern Spotted Owl went extinct due to cutting down forest. The longest owl ever ever to live lived 68 years and was an african eagle Owl.

By: Ethan Stoltzfus
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Chapter 5 pages 37 and 38 in the book " North American Owls"

Chapter 5 pages 37 and 38 in the book " North American Owls" tells about the future for owls. D.D.T is one of the reasons why owls are becoming extinct. That is why it is illegal to shoot or kill owls. If you are guilty of this you are forced with a heavy penalty and a huge fine. Humans have caused most of the things that cause owls to die. some kids are building boxes so they don,t use abandoned barns, chapels, and hollow trees. In Arizona zoos have been breeding elf owls and letting them out in the wild.

By: Cody Miller
Western Screech-Owl calling in Silverado Canyon, CA

Map Of Wiskered Screech Owl

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Owls Hate Simon Cowel : animated music video : MrWeebl