Math Minutes

Middle School Math - First Edition


The Math Department is excited to announce an additional resource this school year! Math Minutes will provide you with strategies to support teaching and learning in your classroom. We hope you find this resource valuable!
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Teaching Tips:

Using the 2014-2015 Semester 1 Post results, we have identified the domain for each course that was the lowest. Click on the links below for resource ideas and strategies that can support each topic! Please note that the conceptual links also include some virtual manipulatives.

Looking Vertically

Many teachers have had questions about what students learned in elementary school regarding division using the standard algorithm. This standard is a 6th grade AKS and is not expected to be taught in 5th grade. Click on the links below for examples of what is expected in 4th and 5th grade:

Division with Base Ten Blocks

Partial Quotients Strategy Example 1

Partial Quotients Strategy Example 2

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Strategies to Support Differentiation:

Relevant and Rigorous Problem-Solving

Did you know Classworks recently added an Applied Mathematics section? This new resource provides teachers with problem-solving activities for the K-8 classroom. Each activity is differentiated, with a Progress, Meeting, and Expanding level - all addressing the same standard with varying levels of difficulty.
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Click HERE for a list of available Applied Mathematics activities that are sorted by standard. Remember: Classworks can be accessed under "Teacher Resources" in the portal.

Student-Centered Activities

Looking for a way to engage your students in mathematical conversations? Check out this article from emergent math that highlights different activities that you can use in the classroom to engage students in critical thinking:

Seven (Sneaky) Activities To Get Your Students Talking Mathematically

Formative Assessment Approaches

Have you tried using a FAL in your classroom? The Mathematics Assessment Program (MAP) is a great resource for Formative Assessment Lessons. These research-based lessons are fully developed and ready to go!

In each FAL you will find:

  1. Pre-Assessment to group the students in homogeneous pairs
  2. Mini-Lesson
  3. Collaborative Activity
  4. Summary to link the learning
  5. Post-Assessment looking for growth (no grade)
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Don't Forget!

  • Each month the MOCC will add a new formative assessment strategy and eCLASS Technology Tool of the Month - be sure to check it out each month!

  • Looking for more information on Formative Assessment Lessons? The MOCC contains a list of all available FALs, sorted by AKS and unit!

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