Tech Tuesday! December 15th

Tech tips to keep you informed

Tech Integration!

How are using tech in your class? What is your first question - How can I use (fill in the shiny tool) in class? OR How can tech help student learning in my class? Make sure you pause occasionally, take a breath and ask the 2nd question. Shiny new tools occasionally will help with engagement and efficiency - but student learning is always the primary goal!

Google Research Tool

Here is a short video on the research tool found in Google Apps.
Google Research Tool

FMOT (Follow me on Twitter)

Will Richardson @willrich45 - Mr. Richardson is originally from NJ and a very accomplished speaker and author. He is speaking in May at Rider University at the "Tomorrow's Classroom Today" conference. He will challenge your thinking about education in ways you didn't think possible. Give him a follow.

App of the week -

Video is the new thing! is a free video conferencing site that allows up to 8 people to have a conversation. I've opened a room and if you want to talk really quick - have me show you how to do something (I can share my screen) then click the link below and "knock" on the door to let me know you want to talk. Saves everybody a trip down the hallway.

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Great conversations are happening here! I would love to see more people join in. This is the way to communicate better. Use it on your computer, your phone or both. Sign up here: