Joining Forces to Create Change!

Exit Slips- Data, Communication, Ownership of Learning!

Our ELA PLC Must Be Focused, Motivated, and Educated to Help Our Students!

Having a clear vision, appropriate resources, and proper administrative support contribute to the success of a team (Buczynski & Hansen, 2014)
AS Vince Lombardi often said, "Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work and a civilization work."

The Goals and the Roles of the Team are Clear!

As we attempt to improve students' understanding of the ELA Common Core Standards, we must:
  • administer frequent formative assessments
  • improve communication in the classrooms
  • modify and differentiate as needed to ensure success
  • use data to drive instruction

Our PLC Needs Ongoing and Open Dialogue Among All Group Members!

Team members should bring all exit slip data to meetings and share:
  • lessons that were positive/ ineffective
  • assessment results
  • ideas to improve exit slips and assessment formats
According to Buczynski and Hansen (2014), "unlearning old ways of thinking and doing is often as difficult as learning new ways of thinking and doing" (p. 1.3)

Fulfilling the Needs for All Participants

Exit Slips will help everyone involved by:
  • giving students a way to ask questions and voice concerns
  • providing teachers with valuable feedback and data
  • monitoring students' progress and thinking
  • determining effectiveness of lessons and if daily objectives were met

Our Ultimate Goal!

Student Success will Lead to:
  • intrinsically motivated thinkers
  • passionate teaching and learning
  • positive school communities
  • higher level thinking and creativity

Buczynski, S., & Hansen, C. B. (2014). The change leader in education: Roles and

strategies in the differentiated environment. Bridgepoint Education.