Human Growth and Development

Frankfort Family and Consumer Sciences

Course Description

Human Growth and Development provide students with knowledge about the physical, mental, emotional, and social growth and development of humans from conception to old age, with a special emphasis on birth through school age. Course content will provide an overview of life stages, with a strong tie to prenatal and birth processes; fundamentals of children’s emotional and physical development; and the appropriate care of children.

Classroom Rules and Expectations:

All school rules as stated in the student handbook will be enforced in this classroom. Other rules are listed as follows:

1. BE PROMPT: Be on time, enter the classroom quietly, turn in homework, and immediately go to your assigned seat and begin your assignment

2. BE POLITE: Be nice or neutral to everyone (swearing, teasing, talking back, and bullying will not be tolerated). Respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and your classroom. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself

3. BE PREPARED: Bring all materials, necessary work, and properly clothing to class every day.

4. BE PATIENT: Wait respectfully and calmly for your turn, do not complain. Listen when someone is talking.

5. BE PRODCUTIVE: Maximize learning time by staying on task, following directions, and remaining seated unless you’ve been given permission to get up

a. Also, absolutely NO EATING, or DRINKING (except water).

Absent Work/Late Policy

Absent work will be placed in the absent box with your name on it. It is your responsibility to pick up any absent work before you are absent or after you return. Students will have 1 day per absent day to make up their work. After that time, work will be considered late. If a student involved in sports and school activities is absent from class, he/she is still expected to turn in assignments due on that day.

Late work must have a form attached before it will be accepted. Late work will not be accepted after 1 week of the assignment being due in class. Late work will be docked 10% per day that it is late.