Extermination Camp

Nazi Germany 1935-1945

Hitlers Plan to Cleanse The World

These extermination camps were build with the idea in mind to kill millions of people. They did this by gassing their victims this was the easiest way to kill many people at one time. This time period between 1935-1945 was seen as one of the largest and most organized genocides in history. Hitler began this movement against the Jewish people because they were an easy target to put the blame of Germany's economy on them. This genocide is known around the world as the Holocaust. They rounded up millions of Jewish people and placed them in death camps, over 9 million people died in these camps, and 5 million of them were Jewish. After the people were gases they were burned to destroy evidence. To reduce the smell they would shave the hair off the bodies, after shaving them they would search their mouths for gold teeth to possibly make a profit.
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Horrifying pictures from the German death camps of the Nazi holocaust


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