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January 13, 2021

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Learning Model Transition Days (1/19 and 1/20)

  • Lighthouse Elementary Students (K-6) will not have school. They may continue to work on their negotiated workplan, but we are not treating these days as expectation days.
  • Lighthouse Secondary Students (7-12) will continue to have school. If you have a meeting scheduled at LH or SLPHS, you are expected to attend.

Next Monday, January 18, is a day off school to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Tuesday and Wednesday have been set aside for teachers to have time to transition to a Face-to-Face Elementary Learning Model. We look forward to reconnecting with our Elementary learners who have chosen to come back to Lighthouse on 1/21.

Mr. B's Corner

Lighthouse Families,

On Monday, during Mr. Endrizzi’s morning meeting, one student exclaimed “you will soon reconnect with friends” was the message she received when she cracked into a fortune cookie last weekend. This student, immediately, shared that she knew it was pointing to the resumption of in-person school that is coming for elementary students. She was overjoyed and many other students chimed in as well sharing that they have really missed the connection.

We, too, are poised to welcome Lighthouse Elementary learners back into the building on 1/21. As we begin this new learning model, we want to remind our community of the safety measures that we will continue to expect.

  • Mask Wearing: we will continue to wear masks while in the building. Additionally, adults will add a face shield.
  • Social Distancing: we will continue to maintain 6 feet of social distance while at school.
  • Hand washing: we will continue to expect hand-washing upon entry, and during transitions.
  • Students will continue to work at an assigned workstation and need to ask permission to move from their spot.
    • We have fielded numerous suggestions to allow more movement during the morning work block. To alleviate some of the struggle, we are going to move one of our daily breaks to split up the morning work block (see below).
  • Student Pick-up/Drop-off
    • Families will still be encouraged to call-in pick-up their child at the end of the school day.
    • Families can drop their child off at 7:55 at the beginning of the school day. Please do not drop your child off earlier than 7:55 as there will no supervision.

Your dedicated Lighthouse facilitators will be teaching, once again, in multiple models at once. Please continue to reach out to them with any questions that arise.

  • Secondary
    • ALL 7-12th grade will continue in EFL
  • Elementary
    • MANY k-6th graders will be in-person (previous hybrid students)
    • MANY k-6th graders will continue in EFL

As always, thanks for entrusting your child(ren) to Lighthouse School for Gifted and Insatiable Learners,


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New Daily Schedule

We have received numerous communications from parents sharing that the morning work block, especially with restricted movement during the pandemic, has felt too long for our youngest learners. We agree!

We are going to test having a break in the middle of the big morning work block to see if this helps students maintain focus and enjoy their learning more. Additionally, despite the current restrictions, students continue to be allowed to ask for permission to get up for a small movement break any time and we encourage them to do so.

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Wednesday Art, Music, and PE Schedule

To accommodate this new learning model, there have been small tweaks to the art, music, and physical education schedules.

Art Classes

  • 7-8 Art at 10:00 on Wednesdays
  • 5-6 Art at 1:30 on Wednesdays
  • 1-4 Art at 2:00 on Wednesdays

Music Classes

  • 5-6 Music at 11:30 on Wednesdays
  • 1-4 Music at 12:00 on Wednesdays
  • Songwriting at 1:30 on Wednesday
  • Guitar lessons will continue to be scheduled 1:1 throughout the week with Mr. Cheesebrow

PE/Health Classes

  • PE will continue to be held online with check-ins with Ms. Hunt as needed.
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Challenge #1 - Collection 'Pennies for Packs' & Community Food Drive

Now that you've marked your calendar for the Panther for a Purpose - Virtual Giving Event to Benefit the Panther Pantry on February 27, 2021, it's time to get involved and participate in Panther Challenges! Panther Challenges are designed to bring the community together leading up to the event.

Panther Challenge #1 has begun with the 'Pennies for Packs' and Community Food Drive challenge. Gather some food and spare change and be ready for the collection days on January 26 and January 27. Collection sites include the front office at each school and the District Services Center (DSC).

We want to see photos and videos of your collection efforts. Please submit photos and/or videos to Photos submitted will be entered for a prize drawing including Panther Branded gear and a $25 gift card to the Panther Store!

Learn more about event and future challenges on the Panthers for a Purpose event page.

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SLPHS Math Team

The SLPHS math team, including Lighthouse’s very own Sam Kretzschmar, is in the middle of a very successful season! SLPHS is ranked 13th in the state out of 164 teams. They are atop section 7AAA, having finished ahead of the six other teams in the section in each of the first three meets.

Five of the top ten students in the section are SLP mathletes. The team has two more upcoming meets, and anticipate earning a spot at the State Meet in March. Nice work and good luck the rest of the season! #SLPPantherProud

Student Tech Entrepreneur

This week, I am thrilled to share that Lighthouse’s very own 7th grader Dylan Riley has continued to pursue his interest in coding and has just finished his first paid project for a client. We have a tech entrepreneur open for business! Dylan shares:

Fiverr is an online freelancing website where I have been offering my coding services to clients around the world. Through the website an individual or company can contact me and order a game. Once the client has sent me all of the details we will negotiate a price and once they place an order I will start working on whatever project they are wanting. Once I have finished the program I will deliver the work and the payment will be added to my account then the transaction will be complete.

Recently, a startup company from India contacted me to build a web-based multiplayer game on Fiverr. The company is called Lets Dive and offers an enterprise video calling platform. Their service includes embedded games to help connect remote co-workers from anywhere around the world.

The game I developed is a multiplayer drawing game. 4 - 8 players will be given a word to draw, but one of the players will not, this player is the fake artist. Everyone will take turns drawing the word one line at a time. Real artists should draw just enough to prove they know the word, but not too detailed as to give it away to the fake artist. After everyone gets a turn, players will vote on who they think the fake artist is. if the fake artist receives the most votes, real artists win, if the fake artist does not receive the most votes, the fake artist wins.

I programmed the user interface (UI), aka. front end, with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This is the part of the game players will see and interact with. I also programmed the server, aka. back end, in a specific architecture of Javascript called Node.js. This is the part of the program that connects each player's computer to a websocket, allowing for multiplayer functionality. A websocket is a central server that computers can connect to. Once connected, client computers can send messages to the websocket. Each message sent will be broadcast to every other computer connected, in real-time. This protocol is used when players draw a line. Each time a player draws, the updated drawing is broadcasted to every other player, this results in every player seeing the real-time drawing.”

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Visit the website to view full details and sign up or call Community Education at 763-600-5050.

National Flag Football MN Begins This Spring

The National Flag Football MN program is set up in collaboration with SLP's Community Ed. Registration is open now on their website. Click the image to enlarge details.

Youth Virtual Magic Tricks Class

Amaze your family and friends with magic tricks! Students will use common household items (deck of cards, paper clips, pencils, etc.) to learn and perform magic tricks. Register for YEL Magic 1.0 Class

Join Girl Scouts for Free

All girls in grades K-12 are invited to join the Girl Scouts of River Valleys for free if they sign up by February 28, 2021. By joining Girl Scouts, your student will participate in meetings and activities and be a part of a group that provides a sense of belonging to girls who are missing school and friends. Learn more here.

2021 Baseball & T-Ball Registration

The Blaine Area Little League is inviting boys and girls to sign up for the 2021 Baseball and T-Ball season. Registration is now open. Click here to learn about the different age groups, important dates and more.

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In case you missed important information from last week's newsletter, check out the topics below and click to learn more.

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