Who Were They

Who Were The Aztecs

The Aztec's were a earlier tribe who made a history for themself's,they had legends but they were also blood thirsty at times that they weren't great leaders.

They were great people at times and horrible people at times but overall so is everybody with a tribe like the Aztec people

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The Aztecs: Engineering an Empire

Are The Aztecs Still Around

No the Aztecs are not still around,because they were conquered in 1521,by the Spanish people,but there are still people that are Aztecs still living in Mexico.

Even though the Aztec empire is gone some of the people are still around and still living. So no the Aztec's are not still around

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When Did The Aztec Kingdom Begin

"As a result, when the Mexica arrived in the Valley of Mexico as a semi-nomadic tribe, they found most of the area already occupied.

In roughly 1248,[2] they first settled on Chapultepec, a hill on the west shore of Lake Texcoco, the site of numerous springs." So the Aztec kingdom began in 1248.

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When Did The Aztec Kingdom End

" Invaders led by the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes overthrew the Aztecs by force and captured Tenochtitlan in 1521, bringing an end to Mesoamerica’s last great native civilization."

So the Aztec empire ended in 1521 by the spanish. And when they're empire got over ridden it never got used again.

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What Were The Aztecs Markets Like

The Aztec Market was always packed full of people and it also had lots of variety's of merchandise and you could even trade at the market.

They had everything that anybody could think of (back then) they had,horses,food,tobacco and much more,so the Aztec market was a popular place.

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How Was Home life In The Aztec Empire

"The Mexican people of the Aztec empire had compulsory education for everyone, regardless of gender or class. In the end, people in the Aztec society were generally well educated, though boys received a wider education than girls.

Girls were taught how to run a home, cook, and care for a family, but they were also taught things like crafts and ways to economically run the home. In this way women had a lot of power in society, though it was behind the scenes." So they were equal to each other.

"The city has many squares where markets are held and trading is carried on. There is one square...where there are daily more than 60,000 souls,buying and selling,and where are found all kinds of merchandise produced in these countries,including food products,jewels of gold and silver,lead,brass,copper,zinc,bones,shells, and feathers."

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Aztec Sacrifice

The Aztecs would have prisoners and they would sacrifice,they would cut open there chests and they would rip out there heart. They would put there hearts out in front of the sun,and then throw there hearts into a shrine.

It would last a whole entire day,thousands of men were killed from being sacrificed and it was very cruel.

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