Social Committee Newsletter


Howdy Berkman Staff

We have had a wonderful start to what I am sure is to be an eventful and fun school year. One of our staff members suggested having a Social Committee newsletter each month. I thought that was a good idea so I am going to give it a go. In the newsletter you will find information about happenings for the current month as well as the upcoming month. I would like the newsletter to also be a place where we can post pictures of staff, send birthday shout outs, as well as a place to recognize each other. As the year progresses and other ideas come up the newsletter may change as well. I welcome any suggestions that you may have. I am by no means a true writer so if you see grammar or spelling mistakes please just know that I have talents in other areas of my life. Ha ha!!!!

September Happenings

*Social Committee formed and met for first meeting Sept. 15

*Informal Social Pluckers

*International Dot day Sept. 15

October Happenings

Bus Driver Week Oct. 17-21 (Office team $20.00 total)

Custodian Day Oct. 2 (Kinder team $20.00 total)

Bosses Day Oct. 16 ( 2nd and Interventions $25.00 each)

Ghoulish Brunch (end of month, more info to come)

4th and Specials monthly treats

Staff Outing PAINTING WITH A TWIST (more info to come)

November Happenings

Paraprofessional's Week Nov. 16th (Special Ed. $30.00 total)

Thanksgiving Pot luck

Custodian Holiday basket (see Social Committee by laws to see what your team is responsible for( ALL TEAMS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS FOR THE BASKET).

*Rachel Hernandez will be the contact for baskets

3r/5th Monthly treats

Social Dues!

  • Social Dues kick off has begun. Professionals Staff members dues are $30.00 and Paraprofessionals and part time staff dues are $20.00.
  • Dues are due to Katie Hamilton by September 30th. Please make checks out to Berkman Elementary.
  • First team to get dues in will receive free lunch!
  • There will be a gift card drawing for staff who got there dues in by September 30th

August/September Birtdays


3 Sommer Smith

6 Courtney Lane

8 Shannon Cihocki

10 Patricia Horton

17 Nancy Smith

22 Maria Garza

27 Rachel Hernandez

30 Loni Peralez

31 Hector Negrete


2 Karie Ledgerwood

10 Tracey Reyna

13 Sobeida Flores

17 Tiffany Vogelman

18 Kristina Puentes

21 Ashlie Har

21 Antonio Guerro

22 Lesa Gonzalez

24 Suyin Yau

26 Michelle Hamala

26 Lara Nixon

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A great big PAT ON THE BACK to all Berkman Staff for all their hard work and dedication to get the school year started off right.

***Please send me an e-mail if you would like to give a Berkman staff member recognition for anything you feel you would like the staff to know. People who feel appreciated feel more positive in themselves and their ability to contribute.

***Please send any photos you may want to share. This could be a picture of your team or of a "GOOD THING" or something funny. There are many possibilities. Make sure if you send me something that you give a description to include as well.

***Anything that you want included in the newsletter will need to be given to me by the last week of the month.

Social Committee By Laws

Please take some time to look over the Social Committee by laws. In the by laws you will find the Staff Recognition/ Monthly treat calendar and custodian basket information that your team is responsible for.

*By Laws are located in the shared drive under Social Committee 2014-2015

Launch- funny teacher jokes

*Does it count as differentiated instruction if I print their worksheets in different colors?