Reading and Writing

Writing that makes sense

When a child first learns to write, his stories may not always make sense. You can help his words flow logically using these two ideas.

1. Let him read his stores to you. Ask him questions to add more information or to clear up a confusing part. Often, children will self-correct once they read the story aloud.

2. If he isn't writing sentences yet, he can tell you a story. It will enable him to think in a logical order and you can write it down for him and read it together. Using words he can decode or knows by sight will excite him as you read aloud.


Everyday tips to increase vocabulary for reading and writing. Keep your ears open

When you and your child goes places, point out words that people use. Maybe the waiter describes an entree or a dentist describes wisdom teeth. Try to have them figure out the meaning by the way they are used. It's never too early to start exploring context clues.

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