Bobcat Business

Week of May 27th

Principal's Message

Happy Friday Bobcat Family & Happy Last Full Week of the 21-22 School Year!

State testing is completed! Thank you Mrs. Evering and everyone for your flexibility and collaboration as we supported our 3rd-5th grade students and staff during this important time of the year.

We had a lovely week of activities to wrap up a memorable year. Thank you to everyone who organized the various ceremonies, receptions, and events throughout the week. We even managed to have parents in the building again! Dare I say things are starting to feel back to normal?!

Please remember that roster placement cards are due to Aldridge before you leave on Friday, May 27th. End of the year checklist documents are due to Aldridge before you leave on June 6th.

Next Friday, June 3rd will be the last edition of The Bobcat Business for the 21-22 school year. We will kick things back off in August.

An updated version of the R1 22-23 Academic Calendar has been added under the District News/Updates section. Please review carefully and plan accordingly.

Last but certainly not least, if I do not say it enough, THANK YOU for all that you do and who you are for our school!

Principal's Message:



Every AC Moore student will enter middle school reading at or above grade level.


We collaboratively empower students to be accountable and successful.


Passion: Embracing and nurturing our school community

Intentionality: Purposeful, Present, & Prepared

Accountability: Growth Over Ego

















Important Dates

Week of May 30th

  • May 27th: Supply List Due to Romanstine - 3pm

  • May 30th: Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL

  • May 31st: Ponytail Chop Day For Clamp - 1:45 - Main Playground

  • May 31st: CAA Meeting - 2:45 - 3:15pm - Library

  • May 31st: Work In Your Rooms - 3:00 - 4:15pm - Certified Staff Must Remain On Campus Until 4:15 on this day

  • May 31st: Evering Out

  • June 1st: Monthly Breakfast Cart - Thank you PTO

  • June 1st: $200 Supply Orders Due to Romanstine - 3pm

  • June 1st: SIC Meeting - 3:00pm - Virtual

  • June 1st: Aldridge Off Campus Half Day PM - Ultrasound Day!!!

  • June 1st: 8:15 Kindergarten EOY Ceremony & Reception (Cafe)

  • June 2nd: Math Manipulatives & Textbook Collection - 9:00am

  • June 2nd: End of the Year Staff Fellowship - Mrs. Jumper's House - 4pm

  • June 3rd: Last Day of School For Students - Early Release 10:30am

  • June 3rd: Report Cards Issued

  • June 3rd: Mandatory End of the Year Staff Luncheon - Multi-purpose Room - 12pm

  • June 6th: Teacher Work Day - Last Day for Teachers - EOY Checklist Due to Aldridge

  • June 6th: Classroom Library Survey Due

The Family Business



This is a reminder that Q4 and Final grades are due in PowerTeacher by Friday. Gradebooks will be checked Tuesday morning.

Make sure to enter + & - marks in both Q4 and Final under Effort and Behavior marks.

There must be a minimum of the following Q4 grades in each subject:

12 – ELA

12 – Math

8 – Social Studies

8 – Science

2 –Health

Please make sure the final grades are averaged correctly when reviewing your verification reports and make any necessary changes.

Comments have to be entered in Q4, not in the final homeroom field. All students (except 3rd) must have one of the comments:

· Promoted to the next grade.

· Retained in the same grade.

Third grade student comment: 3rd grade students will be promoted/retained in June based on the SC Ready scores.


Please have all rooms packed for summer cleaning and/or moving no later than June 8th. We are on a tight summer cleaning schedule this year and must begin right away. You will not be allowed back in your rooms after June 8th until I send an email later in the summer (towards late July or early August).

Remember, if you are moving rooms and something is too heavy for you to lift/move, it's also too heavy for our custodial staff so please be courteous and do not overload boxes. Bookshelves can stay in place, just cover them with bulletin board paper so books are not damaged.


The Office of Teaching and Learning would like to support teachers by providing additional texts for libraries. To assist with this endeavor, we need teachers to:

  1. Use BookWizard or any other library collection tool to determine the amount and types of books (i.e. genres, text levels, etc.) in their classroom libraries. (i.e. The books that belong to the school, not personal books.) Instructions for BookWizard are attached.
  2. Complete this Microsoft Form below by June 6, 2022.


Good morning! Now that next year's grade level placements are known, I am sending out the supply list link once more. Please look over your grade level's supplies and discuss any changes you would like to make with your team member for next year if they are here. Once you have edited your grade level's list, please email to let me know you are finished. This is due by Friday, May 27th.

Master Supply List 22-23.docx

Your grade level has also been allotted $200 for instructional supplies for next year. Work with next year's team member to complete the order.

  • Please submit your orders to me or Brenda Dantzler by Wednesday, June 1st.
  • If you submit your orders to Brenda, make sure you put a copy of your order in my box. I will be responsible for distributing the orders next year.
  • You may order from the district warehouse, which will be the easiest way to order. However, you may order from a district-approved vendor. You will need to see Brenda for more information about this.

District Warehouse Link:

District Order Form:

As always, let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Kellie Romanstine


Please see the laptop collection schedule below. Jessica Warren will send more information as we get closer with instructions for laptop collection. She will plan on getting laptops in the afternoon on your date, so you will still be able to use them some on your collection day. I have not heard about teacher laptops yet but will let you know as soon as I get information.

Thursday, May 26 - PreK/Kindergarten

Friday, May 27 - 1st/2nd Grade

Tuesday, May 31 3rd/4th Grade

Wednesday, June 1 - 5th Grade

Remember all library books are due back on Friday, May 20th (student books - if you have materials, you may continue to use them as needed). Warren distributed notices on May 16th that show what students currently have checked out with a checklist on the back of suggested places to look for lost books. Any class with 0 checkouts by the last week of school will get a special treat! Thanks for encouraging students to look for and return all books!


Thank you for your patience as staffing placements and changes were finalized this year. At this point, everyone should be aware of their placements for next year. Things can always change over the summer but I will do my best to adhere to what's been shared. Please see below for placement changes as well as room changes that will result from the shifts. Let me know if you have any questions.

Grade Changes

Dana Copeland will move to 1st grade alongside Nancy Frick.

Wendy Steen will move to 3rd grade.

Tomeika DeKine will move to 4th grade alongside Mackenzie Cleary.

Madison Kozeny will move to 3rd grade.

MB Wright will move to 5th grade.

*New hires are noted in the Bobcat Family Update section of today's newsletter*

Intervention Services UPDATE

As of right now Reading Intervention Services will be provided as such:

Laura Jumper: Grades 2, 4, 5

Lachon Jones: Grades K, 1, 3

*Please note this could change and any changes will be reported as soon as possible.*

Interventionists can only pull students on Tier 3 (deemed URGENT by STAR). All other students will need to be served within Tier 1 or Tier 2 by the homeroom/classroom teacher. This is a district mandate and is non-negotiable. Where scheduling allows, Interventionists will push into classrooms to assist with Tier 2 support for all students, not just those they serve for pull-out.

Kelly Skaggs will continue to serve as our Math Interventionist for all grades. She will only pull students in Tier 3. Homeroom/Classroom teachers are to provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 support. As her schedule permits, she will push-in for Tier 2 support for all students.

Room Changes (If you are not listed here, your room will not change)

-Dana Copeland will move to Christina Gallo's current room

-Wendy Steen will move to Dana Copeland's current room

-Madison Kozeny will moves to Tiffany Cherry's current room

-Tomeika Dekine will move to Nicole Martz's current room

-Lachon Jones will move to what's currently the Speech room

-Lauren Brennan & Beth Gavin will share N-34 (across from the library)

-Reflection Room will move to DeKine's current room

-Science Lab becomes just a Science Lab

-PC Lab becomes the Creativity Room

-S-10 (Edmonds's old room) will become a Guidance Classroom & home base for Erica Dewitt


All school-level issued laptops and chargers need to be turned in to their Student Laptop Managers on June 6th to be reimaged. Those staff members that will be teaching district-sponsored summer programs and/or working for various district-sponsored programs will need to notify their Student Laptop Manager when they turn in their laptop and charger and should be able to pick up their items no later than June 9th. These staff members will need to arrange a time with their Student Laptop Managers and/or school administration to pick up their items. All other staff will need to arrange a time with their Student Laptop Manager and/or school administration to pick up their items after June 9th. Priority is given to those teaching district-sponsored summer programs and/or writing curriculum.

Conflict Resolution Lessons - DISTRICT MANDATE - IMPORTANT

Per Richland One, prior to the end of this school year, student conversations about conflict resolution are to be held. Teachers will use a designated lesson curriculum to provide our students with tools they can begin to use over the summer related to dealing with conflict. Three short lessons need to be conducted prior to June 1st. The district's vision for this year is to provide an introduction to conflict resolution for all students utilizing the “Overcoming Obstacles” curriculum and other appropriate resources. For this school year, the focus would be on (in this order)

1. Avoiding conflict

2. Responding to conflict

3. Strategies to deal with conflict

These 20-minute lessons are to be conducted by classroom teachers for all students at a time of the teacher’s choosing. Our school will be provided a flyer for each lesson (that we can hang throughout the school). You will also receive a PSA to introduce each lesson topic that can be shared/presented to students during your morning meeting or teachers can show it prior to the lesson. All materials will be provided as they arrive. Please see email from Aldridge on May 20th with lessons and digital PSA flyers. Hardcopies will be distributed upon arrival.

This year’s three lessons and materials will serve as an introduction to a ten week series of lessons in the fall for students that the school counselors will focus on concerning conflict resolution. You will receive additional information about this series at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year.

Health Room News

Important Covid-19 News for School-age Children:

Today, the CDC recommended that children ages 5 through 11 years should receive a booster shot 5 months after their initial Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination series (5 months after their second dose). Please visit or contact your child's health care provider for more information on where your children can get their boosters.

All households are now eligible to receive 8 additional at-home Covid-19 test kits. Register your address at and they will be shipped directly to you. Test kits and shipping are FREE! I also have test kits available for A.C. Moore students. Please let me know if you need one!

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Jennifer Robinson, School Nurse



R1 Virtual Jumpstart Program

From Teaching & Learning:

In light of our first-grade assessment results, we are identifying ways to provide additional support to this group of students. Since it is unlikely, we will be able to support all of them through the Summer Learning Academy, we will instead offer a virtual summer camp for rising 2nd graders to provide intervention. We are looking for effective early childhood certified teachers with proven track records who have not already agreed to work Summer Learning Academy. These teachers will be allowed to work from home.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please let Mrs. Aldridge know by end of day Friday, May 27th.

Thank you in advance,

OG Training & Literacy Institute


Attention 4K-3 Teachers, Interventionists, Coaches:

It has been mandated that Orton-Gillingham training must be completed by all K-3 teachers by December 20, 2022. To assist, Teaching and Learning has added an additional summer session to the dates I previously shared. The new dates are:

June 13 - 17

July 5 - 8

July 11 - 15

Attendees WILL receive a daily stipend. You must attend all dates of the session. If you cannot attend all the dates within one session, please do not sign up. Please see the attached flyers for sign up in TrueNorthLogic.

It is strongly encouraged that those of you who can attend over the summer, do so. This is an amazing opportunity and the earlier you can learn it, the sooner you can start to use it with students next year.

Richland One 2022-2023 Academic Calendar

Below is a copy of the 22-23 Academic Calendar. There has been information added under the Notes section since the calendar was originally released so please review thoroughly and plan accordingly. Thank you!

Adding Read to Succeed Endorsement

The SCDE has changed the way that Read to Succeed is processed. See the information below on how to add the R2S endorsement once you have completed all the classes

Please go ahead and follow the directions for the new process for that change of action. The system is open for teachers to create a new account in the educator portal. You will need to create an account, login, and upload your documentation for Read to Succeed. Then, create a new request. You will click on request a change/action and in the dropdown box, click add an endorsement. Then select the correct Read to Succeed Requirement or Endorsement to be added. Educator Portal - South Carolina Department of Education - 05/06/2022 2:09 PM ( If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Tammy Small.

Thank you,

Tammy Small, Ed.D.

Coordinator of Special Projects

Richland County School District One

1616 Richland Street

Columbia, SC 29201


Bobcat Family Update

We have new Bobcat Family members joining us for the 22-23 school year. Please stay tuned for bios and photos that will be posted here as hiring is finalized.

Meet Ms. Adams

My name is Jordan Adams, and I’m so excited to be joining the Bobcat family! This will be my third year teaching, I spent my first 2 years teaching 6th grade ELA in Saluda. I am so excited to move down, and instill a love of reading and writing to my students! In my free time I love crafting, baking, reading, playing my ukulele and spending time with my 8 pets! I’m so excited to become apart of the AC Moore, and Richland 1 family!

Meet Mrs. Hart

My name is Joanna Hart. I am originally from Holly Hill, SC but I have lived in Columbia since I began college. I received my BA in Early Childhood education and my Masters in Language and Literacy from The University of South Carolina. I live in the Old Woodlands neighborhood with my husband Adam and our daughter Addie Cook who is 4. I began teaching Child Development for Richland School District 2 in 2009 and have been with the Pre-k program ever since. I am excited to continue with my love of teaching 4 year olds at A. C. Moore.

Meet Mr. Wilcox

My name is Nicholas Wilcox. I am a Minnesota native, but have been living and teaching here in South Carolina for the last 16 years. Most people are surprised to find out I am a Kindergarten teacher because there are so few male Kindergarten teachers and when they also find out I coach varsity Wrestling at Irmo high school it makes the connection even odder. But I wouldn't change a thing about teaching early childhood. I love working with my students, I'm friendly, fun, and energetic. I love what I do. I'm very excited about joining your staff and the 5K team for the upcoming school year.



  • Randall Clamp - June 1st
  • Dana Copeland - June 3rd
  • Jessie Bradley - June 5th
  • Suzanne Gowan - June 7th
  • Wendee Evering - June 15th
  • Mackenzie Cleary - June 24th


  • Andrea Whetstone - July 2nd
  • Georgia Carfley - July 2nd
  • Wendy Steen - July 7th
  • Christina Gallo - July 10th
  • Renee Anderson - July 13th
  • Laura Jumper - July 19th


  • Elizabeth Balthazor - August 7th
  • Sylvia Rogers - August 13th

Thoughts & Prayers

  • Please keep Nancy Frick in your thoughts and prayers. Her last day for the year was Tuesday May 24th in order to have surgery on her foot. Please pray that surgery and recovery go smoothly.

  • Please keep Laura Jumper's family in your thoughts and prayers. Her mother-in-law passed away on Wednesday.

Shout-Outs & Recognitions

  • Thank you to all staff who helped organize the 5th grade promotion ceremonies! --LaQuana Aldridge

  • Thank you Mrs. Jaimes for the hours spent helping our ESOL parents re-enroll for next year. It could not have been done without your help. Thank you Sunshine Committee for providing a wonderful lunch. I appreciate all the hard work you have done to bring sunshine to A C Moore. --Madolyn Thorpe

  • Thank you Felicia Charleman for the lovely decor for our promotion ceremonies and reception. --LaQuana Aldridge

  • Shout out to Jessie and Jessica for a wonderful Literacy Day! I really enjoyed the STEM activity you planned, and the students seemed to enjoy it, too. --Kellie Romanstine

  • Thank you Jessica Warren and Jessie Bradley for your work with Literacy Day! It was a blast! ---LaQuana Aldridge

  • Thank you to Mrs. Jones, Ms. Wright, Ms. Cherry, Mrs. Thorpe and Ms. Warren for assisting me with Literacy Day and for everyone's positive feedback. --Dana Copeland

  • From Kellie Romanstine: I would like to thank the following people for helping me Thursday morning with promotion preparations:

    • LaQuana for buying forks on her way in to work
    • MB for helping with the reception preparations
    • Jessie for helping with the food and hand sanitizer
    • Randall for surprising me by helping with the donuts - I went into the library expecting to put them on the trays, and he had already done so (and in an artistic way) 🙂
    • Elizabeth for directing the parents in the auditorium, and Jessie for stepping in when Elizabeth was pulled elsewhere
    • Kelly and Lachon for carrying fruit trays to the library while I helped a parent
    • Wendee for helping set up for the 2nd reception

    I would like to thank Madison, Meika, Chemise, Elise, Brenda, Felicia, Wendee and LaQuana for all your input and task completions for the 5th grade promotion ceremonies and receptions. We can now breathe a little easier.

    Thank you, MB, for fixing my mule ears for the play. Your help this week has been greatly appreciated!

  • Mrs. Evering, thank you for helping me prepare goodie bags, medals, and move equipment in preparation for field day! 😊💙 --Andrea Whetstone

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