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Henderson Weekly Newsletter

January 19, 2016

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”
Hunter S. Thompson

Commit to Excellence - Do you believe in your students?

Brains can and do change. They are designed to change. This is based on research. IQ is not fixed; it is variable. All of the planning and work you put in to instruction really matters. Brains are growing and expanding because of your efforts. Conscious Discipline/CKH and all that entails is based on brain research as well. Positive interactions, teaching kids the behaviors they need but do not bring to school, and implementing logical consequences that teach kids are proven to work. Let’s continue to stick to what we know works. After reviewing research, I want to affirm you all for doing what works for kids. We are on the right track!

Here is some more interesting research, which supports that you are important. In an experiment done in the early 90’s students were given an IQ test at the beginning of the year. Twenty percent of the students were selected randomly. Teachers were told that these students had an “unusual potential for growth” and could be expected to “bloom”. Remember, these students were randomly selected. When students were retested at the end of the year, the students who were labeled “intelligent” made significant gains over the rest of the students. The change in the teacher’s expectations led to the change in the selected students performance. Wow!! Let’s believe in ALL children, maintain those high expectations and praise them not just for what they accomplish but also for their efforts.


Thank you to Mrs. Rhodes for doing such a great job organizing the spelling bee. Thank you to Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Miller for participating as a judge and "word caller" at the bee. It went so smoothly!

Thank you to Mrs. MacDonald for a "Nacho Ordinary Friday"! That was a nice treat!

Thank you to team leaders for attending our first huddle. I appreciate these weekly check ins!

Thank you to Mrs. Marak for organizing and testing all of our English students for GT. Thank you to Mrs. Felix for taking time away from her students to GT test our native Spanish speakers.

Thank you to Mrs. Marak for a great awards ceremony and to teachers for getting their part completed so that this goes well and is a great experience for kids and families.


First semester our attendance was awesome! We ended at about 97.69%. Kudos to you and your efforts to get kids to school. We have had a very shaky start to the new year. PLEASE emphasize attendance each day, call parents of students who are missing, even if out only one day, make sure students know that they are missed and send the list of absent students to Barbie by 8:35am every day.


95% of the activities I observe are aligned. Recently I have observed unaligned activities scattered about the building mainly through the use of pinterest. I am going to ask that you NOT use pinterest activities unless they are in the TNT OR you have talked with Mrs. Dawson or Mrs. Miller about the activity. They may steer you back to the TNT. Use the TNT before venturing out. If you are struggling with this PLEASE work with Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Miller. They are here to help.

Think about it....

If the grade level or teacher(s) below you choose(s) not to teach aligned lessons, how does that impact the teaching and learning for the next school year?

DRA Testing

Please make sure that you are measuring students comprehension as well as the fluency when completing DRA testing. This is crucial as comprehension is a major piece of a student's reading ability. Please bring student's DRA tests to PLC on Wednesday the 20th.

Peer Mediation

Please push peer mediation. We have trained students and staff to handle conflicts that are not being resolved through your efforts. Please contact Mrs. Rhodes if you need more information or would like to schedule one.



The following links will direct you to important intervention resources provided by the Meadow Center's Mathematics Institute for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties. Math coaches are aware of these and can help with this resource. Please use these interventions with students who are struggling.

TEMI Intervention Lessons http://3tiermathmodel.org/

ESTAR Intervention Lessons http://projectsharetexas.org/resource/estar-ii-intervention-modules

MSTAR Intervention Lessons http://www.meadowscenter.org/institutes/mstar/mathematics-institute/mstar-intervention-equivalent-fractions/welcome


  • The book fair and parent night have been changed to the week of the 16-19th. Please adjust accordingly. Parent night/performance and art show will be on the 16th.
  • Teachers with bus duty need to walk all grade level students together to the cafeteria in an orderly fashion. Please stay with students until they have been loaded on the buses.
  • The next Platicas meeting for elementary bilingual and ESL teachers is February 1st.

Mark Your Calendar!


18 MLK Holiday

19 Perfect Attendance Fall Semester Reward-located in cafeteria

1:30-2:15 3-5

2:15-3:00 K-2

20 Faculty Meeting-Vertical Team Meeting until 5:30pm

22 National Reading Day-Curl up and read! From 2:30-3:20 EVERYONE WILL STOP AND READ. TEACHERS SHOULD MODEL THIS AS WELL!! Bring a great book to read!

27 Faculty Meeting

30 Erin's Lanyards (KKids)


2 Faculty Meeting

9 Techy Time

4th Writing/5th Math Benchmarks

LPAC Decision Making (3-5 ELL teachers)

PTO Meeting

10 5th Reading Benchmark

Faculty Meeting

11 Techy Time

12 Valentine's Parties (All parties will be at 2:30pm except 1st grade will be at 1:45pm)

15 TE Day

16-19 Book Fair

16 Spring Pictures (Classroom pictures will start at 9:30 after the Parent Prep)

Parent Prep Academy/2nd Grade Program/2nd Grade Art Show

17 Faculty Meeting