Tobacco, The Silent Killer

Information about this deadly & addictive plant


Tobacco is a broad-leaf plant grown in the Americas. It is dried, cured, and ground to make tobacco.

Negative Effects


One negative effect of tobacco is addiction. The longer you smoke, the greater the risk of health problems. Research shows that the younger you start, the harder it is to quit.


Another negative effect of tobacco is diabetes. When you smoke, the tobacco reduces your insulin level resulting in diabetes.

Emphysema (obstructive lung disease)

The last negative effect I will talk about is emphysema. When you smoke, the alveoli in your lungs are damaged. The more alveoli that are damaged, the harder it is to breathe. Emphysema sufferers have to breathe through oxygen tanks and eventually die of suffocation. 85% of deaths from emphysema are caused by smoking


  • More than 440,000 people die from tobacco related diseases
  • Smoking causes 30% of cancer cases

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