Giovanni Matteo Angeli

About Giovanni Matteo Angeli

Giovanni Matteo Angeli is a highly qualified and seasoned financial professional who has worked in a variety of businesses, giving him extensive industry knowledge and experience. Gino Matteo Angeli is the Director of Business Development for LASER Credit Access. This company is a Salesforce partner. The company builds apps that pull credit report data into Salesforce for lenders. Gino designed the user interface for the company's newest application, which allows underwriters to extract more value from each report and manage the complete credit process workflow.

Gino Angeli is a skilled, innovative, and driven Salesforce specialist who keeps up with industry trends. He is a Salesforce User Experience (UX) Designer Certified and has worked to increase his company's collaborations with other industry entities, continually enhancing marketing strategy by producing new applications for users.

Giovanni Matteo Angeli has many entrepreneurial endeavors in addition to his extensive Salesforce design knowledge. He leveraged his app design skills to create a new social networking platform. He has spent the last six years bridging the online and offline worlds. While he recognizes the importance of the internet in the development of relationships, he also recognizes that many individuals are seeking ways to bring online interactions offline. His inventiveness has enabled people to publish events on an interactive map. Geolocation allows individuals to see where these occurrences occurred. It's now easy to look at online relationships, see where online pals are, and cultivate those relationships in the real world.

As a businessman, he recognizes the importance of working money in funding technology endeavors. So he began a tree removal firm to generate working capital. He had to invest in the tree removal business to get it going. After making the initial investment in the necessary equipment, he has been able to generate a steady stream of revenue to pursue his passions. He enjoys being outside, and the tree removal service allowed him to do so more. He recognizes that most individuals lack the skills and experience to safely remove trees, and he can provide a vital service to many people in his local community. The company has grown tremendously and is now profitable. This has given him more capital to create new products and services that assist people across industries.

Gino Matteo Angeli has succeeded in several fields, but design has always been his passion. He has a passion for industrial design, fine arts, graphic design, and UX/UI. Aside from Salesforce, he has over 9 years of experience utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud and a year as a Director of Business Development for a FinTech startup. He achieved a 3.76 GPA in his major while still playing ice hockey for the Virginia Tech Hokies. He also wanted to build ties with his classmates, so he joined the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta.

Ultimately, his problem-solving creativity sets him different from others in his field. If a difficulty arises, he finds a creative solution. As a freelance graphic designer, he had the opportunity to experiment with Adobe Creative Cloud, Salesforce, and other technologies. Every day, he uses Salesforce and application design to solve challenges for his coworkers, company, and clients. He has also started and built two enterprises while performing his other duties.

Giovanni Matteo Angeli recognizes that the world is rapidly changing and wishes to change with it. His multiple credentials and ability to market a new product have shown his abilities. Despite his remarkable technical capabilities, he has demonstrated he is not afraid to use other skills. When he ran out of working capital, he got up from his desk, founded a tree removal service, and found a method to fund his love. Angeli is now ready to apply his problem-solving and creative skills in the digital realm. Where his Salesforce and computer skills lead him next will be interesting.


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