Welcome To Arizona

~~~The Best Place To Be~~~

This Site Will...

Tell you a little bit about Arizona -Give You Tips for school

-Introduce you to Mica High School -Show you some famous landmarks

-Keep you up with the school sports -Conversation Starters -

and much more!!

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Welcome Arizona

Welcome to the lovely state of Arizona.

Their are so many lovely sights to see. Check out one of my personal favorites The Grand Canyon.No Arizona landmark comes to mind more readily than the 277-mile-long Grand Canyon, which draws millions of visitors annually.

Want to learn more about the Grand Canyon? Click the link below!

Some Of Arizona'a Famous Landmarks!

  • The Grand Canyon
  • Sonora Desert Museum
  • Oak Creek Canyon
  • Saguaro National Park
  • and the Heard Museum

Mica High School

Mica High School In Southwest Arizona is one of the best schools you will ever go to. There are many, clubs,sports,classes and so much more. A beautiful school for beautiful school years.
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The Best Way To Start The Year!

  1. You always want to be on time, always want to make a good impression on the first day!
  2. Make sure you do all your homework and get all assignments due on time, you'll be the teacher's favorite!
  3. Be social and don't be scared to make friends, but stay away from the mean kids, you always want to hang around the right people!
  4. All be happy and think positive, everyday will be a great day for you!

Be The Conversation Starter! Here's somethings to talk about!

  1. Ask about any homework or classwork that your having trouble or with, i'm sure someone would be happy to help!
  2. At Lunch, be social and find out people interests and what they like to do.
  3. If you got a project coming up, ask anyone to be your partner, you should always make the first move.

Try Out For Our Schools Favorite Sports


This girls sport is one of my favorites. Cheer leading! Cheer Leading is a great way to make friends and show off your mad stunting and tumbling skills.


You must be signed up.NO WALK IN'S.

You must were a bow on the first day of tryouts.

Must have your...

  1. Cartwheel
  2. Handstand
  3. Round off
  4. back/front walkover
  5. Back handspring ( doesn't have to be perfect)


Another school favorite and one of my personal favorites. Basketball. Basketball is a great why to make friends as well and to show off you mad skills and to show them off on the court.


Must be Signed up. NO WALK IN'S
Must be able to...

  1. Dribble
  2. Shoot front front back and sides ( Not including 3 pointers)
  3. Passing
  4. Layups

Fun Fact Of The Day

Did you know...

The Saguaro cactus is the largest cactus found in the U.S. It can grow as high as a five story building and is native to the Sonora Desert, which stretches across southern Arizona. A fully grown saguaro cactus can store up to nine tons of water.

Why we love it here

Arizona is an amazing and wonderful place. It's amazing schools, it's beautiful sites and so much more. Arizona is the Place To Be! So I hope you have a wonder time living in Arizona. Your going too love it here

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Thank's for Reading! <3