Grade 1d News

28 January 2016

This week in 1D

Hi 1D families,

It has been another fun week in 1D. Two privileges for me have been to spend time with Danny Gregory, visiting artist, as he inspired and mentored all of first grade, and found a small gap in his schedule for 1D as well. His manner was so comfortable that all students enjoyed working with him and were able to produce some fun and creative art works.

The second privilege came from within the class. I watched and assisted as all of the students creatively constructed model houses that would suit the environments they have been learning about. They also made their first attempt at presenting information in a poster format. With the help of the iPads, they were then able to explain these works, along with the thinking behind them, as they created presentation videos. I really have enjoyed the blend of creativity and perspective that comes from being 6 or 7 years old, combined with their increasing ability to find information, apply it and then communicate it in increasingly academic contexts. So far, about 11 of these have been uploaded to the shared drive, and the rest will be uploaded as they are finished. Have a look in this week's photo folder to see them.

Enjoy your weekend.


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Coming Events in 1D and LES


February 2 - ASD Sports Day

February 4 - Elementary Swim Champs


February 9 - No School, Qatar Sports Day

February 11 - 1st Grade 100th Day of School

February 14 - Valentine’s Classroom Party

February 14-18 - Reading Week

February 23 - 2nd Grade Concert

February 26 - Friendship Festival

March 10 - Trimester 2 Ends

March 17 - Report Cards sent home electronically

March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day and Shamrock Shamble

March 25-April 4 - Spring Break

Friendship Festival Class Donation “Baskets"

Many thanks to the parents who have sent in items. At the moment our "Basket" is looking a little empty and our class mom needs your help!!

The Friendship Festival is the PTA’s longest fundraiser of the year. A significant portion of the funds raised is from theFriendship Festival Silent Auction of the "classroom baskets" which will be held in spring. Click on the picture for more details.

Lower Elementary Math Parent Drop-in


"I am extremely happy that I attended the grade 1 math presentation, it has made a world of difference!"

Our Math Coordinator, Mrs. Carol Little will be holding a Lower Elementary parent drop in / office hour every Wednesday from 2:00 – 3:00pm. Mrs. Little will be available at this time every week to assist parents who need further information about our Math program or who would like help / suggestions with how to support their children at home. It will be held in Ms. Mindy Martin’s office.

Security Update

Important Information:

Nannies and Drivers are not allowed on campus until 2:45pm daily. If you are sending a driver or nanny to pick up your child throughout the school day for an appointment or other reasons you need to let the Elementary Office know by email. Please email Deb Fenley and Swati Korpal the following information: Who will be picking up your child, what time they will pick up and the reason for picking the child up and family ID Number which is located on your ID badge.

Gate 5 Entry Update

  • After 8:00am parents can enter through Gate 5 on days when there are Principal Coffee Mornings, Counsellors Coffee or Workshops and Let’s Do Math Workshops.

  • Parents picking up sick students can enter through Gate 5, the ES Nurses will leave the parents name with the Guard House for easy and quick access.

Friendship Festival T-Shirt Orders

Remember to please bring in your Friendship Festival T-Shirt orders by Sunday January 31st. T-Shirts will be sold at Gate 5 and Gate 8 the week of February 21st - 25th.

​ This years Friendship Festival T-Shirt gives you free entrance to this years Friendship Festival which will be on February 26th.


Big Ideas:

Text features

Table of contents

Index and Glossary


Nonfiction readers use a voice in their head like a teacher’s, to emphasize what is important.


Big Ideas:

Starting an independent book

Planning for new book

Spelling strategies

Spelling strategies

Using twin sentences in writing

ie Frogs sit on lily pads. Lily pads are flat plants on top of the water.


Big Ideas:

  • add 10’s to a two digit number

  • counting on and making 10 to add across decades

  • using single digit sums to support analogous larger sums


Big Ideas: Plants and Animals - Form and Function

  • New Unit Launch
  • What parts do plants have?

Science Unit 2 Parent Letter

Science Unit 2: Plants and Animals: Form and Function

Dear Families,

For the next seven weeks, first grade students will be working on a science unit called Plants and Animals: Form and function. They will be learning about the different structures of plants and animals and how each part helps the plant or animal to survive.

For the first three weeks, we will be studying plants to discover the answers to the following questions:

1. What parts do plants have?

2. What are the functions of each plant part?

Students will be identifying and sorting the parts of plants and observing experiments to understand the functions of the parts.

During the following four weeks, students will be learning about answers to the following questions:

1. How do animals get food and water?

2. What are the different parts animals have and how do the parts help them stay safe?

Students will discover why different animals have different parts for protection, how animals move to stay safe, and how animals gather food.

At home, you can observe fruits and vegetables as you prepare them to eat, take a walk outside to see the variety of plants, and notice the different parts of animals and discuss why animals look the way they do.

Thank you for all your support as we work together to help your first grader learn about the world in which we live.


The First Grade Team