Stella and Dot

Hi Deena!

I am so excited that you are interested in hosting a show! I sent a hostess packet home with my Mom for you. In it, I have enclosed trunk show information, as well as information on our awesome stylist opportunity. You can also check out my website: I hear there is one person who just moved from Texas who is a Stylist, but otherwise, there is no one else selling Stella and Dot up there. If you could see yourself doing what I do, the opportunity is huge!!! I have been searching for someone to add to my team. I have been to Defiance (I live in Columbus) to do multiple trunk shows and everyone loves Stella and Dot!! Check out the info I sent and we'll see what you think:) So, as far as a trunk show, what do you have in mind? I could do a show, Sat. (pm) or Sun. July 27/28 or Fri. August 2.

Kendra Stephens


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