jewelry in Different Style

Jewels with its own history

Jewels with its own history and in different styles

We are in the month of galas and parties to see the year 2010, and there is no better time to wear a beautiful jewel, which is predominant with our look.

For this reason, we are seduced by Tatiana Ayala's creations, jewelry designer, born in Valledupar and as every woman, born with a taste for fashion.

"I grew up watching my mom in her shop and learned to get more love to design. Then, to get to Texas (USA), where I lived for 8 years, one of my first jobs was selling accessories, "says Tatiana.

This woman always knew what he wanted. This is how he chose the path of jewelry that expresses itself as "I can work with the elements that I like as glass and pearls."

Tatiana The current collection was inspired by the eternal spring that can be enjoyed in our country, so unchecked or limited to a particular woman, on the contrary can be adapted to all. "We drive silver and gold tones, giving contrast with the colors of the rainbow," says the designer.

It is a collection inspired by the romance, hearts, flowers and crystals, which make this dream a real magic.

The materials used in each piece are varied, ranging from bronze, to silver, until you get a subtle and delicate garments dipped in 24k gold. Are also used Swarovski Crystals, pearls and chains.
When designing, Tatiana is inspired by everything around her. "I like traveling and I have the opportunity to do so often, this allows me to learn and expand my creativity. I studied in Hong Kong where I learned a lot, I also love taking pictures and this allows me to capture moments, colors and great ideas are born here, "says Ayala.

Although, this jewelry designer is clear to point out that translating an idea is sometimes difficult, like "give the customer understand what you want to reflect with your jewelry."

With regard to the treatment should be given to accessories, this indicates that women do not require any particular care, only normal, ie clean after using the bathroom for longer in silver or gold. She stresses that are easy to use and jewels without much maintenance.

Finally, Tatiana Ayala states that "eventually I'd like boutiques around the country, create a collection of watches, but mostly I get to create pieces for cause. For that reason, I am in the process of releasing a necklace called Bless (Blessing), of which 100% of the gain will be dedicated to helping homeless children.

For now, this woman valduparense, fresh, relaxed and loves to laugh, continue to create jewelry, different driving styles, but each with its own history and to a very special woman. GC

Her jewelry

Every piece is reflecting the beauty of their designs, manages different styles, but each has a story. The bracelets are Statement Pieces, look no further than this bracelet and a good pair of earrings, because they speak for themselves, are striking and stand out and shine crystals.

For its part, the filigree bracelet is a delicate piece, for all women, is light and easy to use, is a favorite for any occasion. Finally, the ring of heart is called: 'I give my heart', an ideal gift for lovers.