MS Student-Led Conferences

Fall 2021 Conference Information

Conferences will be held Tuesday, October 19 and Thursday, October 21

4:00 pm - 8:00 pm each evening.

Conference Format for Fall 2021

We will be implementing Student-Led Conferences similar to last spring. Students will share their learning and progress with you, and you will have the opportunity to meet with teachers.

** Week of October 11, 2021:

Students completed their individual digital portfolios. These portfolios will reflect learning, progress, reflections and goals.

** October 15 - October 20

Students will share their digital portfolio with parents outside of school.

** October 15 - October 20 - Schedule your conference, if needed

Conference options may be face to face, Zoom meeting or telephone call. After your student has shared their portfolio with you, you may request a Zoom, a Face to Face or telephone conference. Core teachers have a link below to schedule a conference time. We are using "Sign Up Genius" to make these appointments.

** Tuesday, October 19 & Thursday, October 21 (4:00 pm - 8:00 pm)

All face to face conferences will be held at the Middle School Building in individual teachers' classrooms.

--Only two (2) adults per student will be allowed a face to face conference. If other adults would like to join the conference, it will need to be via Zoom or telephone call. Students will be allowed in the building for face to face conferences.

--Mitigation strategies are recommended for face to face conferences. Face masks are highly encouraged, and social distancing protocols will be implemented.

--If childcare is an issue, we encourage you to schedule a Zoom or telephone conference.

Feel free to contact Mrs. Ensminger if you have any questions!

Teacher Links - Just click on the name of the teacher with whom you would like to schedule a conference.

If you choose a Zoom conference, teachers will send you a link. If you choose a telephone conference, please make sure to include your phone number when you sign up.

Mrs. Derr

Mrs. Menke

Mr. Orton

Ms. Parker

Mr. Bryant

Mrs. Crozier

Ms. Marshall

Mrs. Massey

Ms. Gunther

Ms. McCoy

Ms. McGill

Ms. Schiller

Mrs. Broadhurst

Mrs. Sturdivant

Any teachers NOT listed above are not formally scheduling conferences. If you are coming to campus, you may stop by their classroom to conference. If you would like a Zoom or telephone conference, please contact them individually.

Mr. Madsen, Mr. Van Ausdall, Mrs. Jones, and Mr. Madsen will be at the high school.

Mrs. Weirather, Mr. Stewart, Mrs. Canida, Mrs. Madsen, Mr. Ireland and Mr. Siebers will be at the K-8 building.

Thank you for supporting your child's learning!!!