Superintendent's Corner 😎🏫😎

Avoca School District 37

In this issue ...

  • Institute Days November 25 & 26
  • Important Issues on the Horizon
  • 5Essentials Reminder
  • Avoca in the News - Giving Back

November Staff Institute Schedules

Staff members' time collaborating and working on Institute Days is important for advancing our work together as a district, which results in more effective classroom instruction, communication with students and parents, and more staff cohesion. Our focus on these days include:

  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Continuum of Services Evaluation (see below)
  • Teacher Website Development
  • Instructional Technology
  • Strategic Action Plans (focus on Curriculum and SEL)

While our students and families get a much deserved day off, our staff continue to work hard to improve what we do and how we do it.

Important Issues on the Horizon

In coming weeks, the administration will be adressing important issues and will need your feedback.

  • First, a survey will go out to all parents regarding the Continuum of Services we provide our students. More than just Special Education, this survey will help us gather feedback as we work with external experts to evaluate our services and make recommendations for improvement. Be on the lookout for this important survey.
  • Second, Transportation Fee Survey for 2020-21. After Thanksgiving, a brief survey will go out regarding Transportation Fees for 202-21 school year. The survey is designed to gather feedback about bus usage based on the fee recommendation for 2020-21 (made in February 2019). Currently, our transportation fees recoup only 20% of our transportation expenses, which is unsustainable in light of our ongoing budget deficit. Please respond to this survey when it comes out.
  • Finally, in December the administration will present to the Board all of the raw feedback from our budget and finance meetings. We presented to over 50 staff members, and more than 25 parents & community members. That feedback will be presented, along with an Executive Summary. That will provide the foundation for budget recommendations for the 2020-21 school year. The District is currently on a State of Illinois required deficit reduction plan and must close its operating deficit.

These are all important issues and our goal is to be transparent so that we can gather meaningful feedback in order for the administration and Board to adopt approaches which empower the district to sustain it mission, vision, and goals.

5 Essentials Survey

As you have already seen mentioned in posts from our principals, the 5Essentials Survey is open and awaiting parent responses. This research-based survey is a good barometer for schools to identify areas where they are performing well and where they can improve. This data, gathered from parents, students, and staff, is used to set school improvement goals and principal performance goals. Please click on the following link for the parent portion of the survey:

Avoca Students Giving and Receiving

November 11 marked my first opportunity to see our Veterans' Day event in action at Avoca West and it was truly inspiring and humbling. I am a big believer in having school on Veterans' Day and making sure we mark the day to honor our veterans and connect our students to real-life individuals who have served. This breakfast confirmed everything I believed and more. Thanks to our staff at Avoca West who brought it together. (See the Wilmette Beacon story below.)