Back to School -Attendance Matters

Middle and High School Back to School Information

Why it is important to send your child to school

Back to school is an exciting part of life! We want our Judson students to have a wonderful experience in our new learning environment. In the future students will have an additional option to come in person but in order to keep our students and staff safe we will begin our school year in a virtual/remote setting. The first day of school is very important to track how many students we have officially enrolled. Please read below for more details.

Importance of First day of School

The First Day of School is August 24th

We will account for each student on the first day of school. Please ensure your child is in attendance and attends class by zoom. Students will login to the JISD Portal to access Canvas which is our learning management system. Students who do not login on the first day of school will have to go through a re-enrollment process. This is not new. This happens every year but this year we want to ensure we share the importance with all parents and students for remote learning.

In person Visits for Registration or Scheduling Questions

In order to keep our students, staff, and parents safe we are limiting our in person contacts. Please call the counseling office in order to have any of your questions answered. You can schedule a phone conference, a zoom meeting, or if you would like to come in face- to -face meet with your counselor.

Absences Count Attendance Matters- Our goal is 100% Attendance all School Year

Being in school remotely will ensure you are provided the instruction needed to pass your class and do well in state testing.

If you are sick and absent a parent note or doctor's note will have to be submitted via email to your school attendance office. Attendance office emails have been created in order to ensure your parent and doctor notes are submitted easily. Please click on link below for email addresses for all campuses.

For More Information Please Visit Campus Website

Middle School Contact/Schedule Information

Middle School Schedule Information and Counselor Contact Click Here

What if there is a problem with my schedule? Submit a Schedule Change Form Below if Needed

Counselors will be balancing classes and reviewing all students schedule for accuracy. Please wait to check your schedule on Friday, August 21st for accuracy. If you still need to request a change please use the following form to submit a schedule change request. A counselor will call you and provide options. Please continue to follow your current schedule until you receive a schedule change from your counselor. It is important you stay in your classes until the change is complete.

Scheduling Concerns and Cannot Reach your Counselor. Please call Monica Garcia Director of Guidance and Counseling 210 945-5342

Thank you we look forward to having a great school year!

Judson ISD Guidance and Counseling Department

Thank you please visit the Guidance and Counseling Website for more information.