The Illuminati

The Truth Behind the Rumors- By Layeth Khazendar


Dear reader,
many of you might already have a good idea of what the Illuminati is. Many of you are quick to think its related to worshiping the devil and controlling our minds. An often misconception is that they are a secret society that controls the world, one seeking to take over the world. Many conspiracy theorists dedicate their lives to researching the Illuminati; these people will find what they believe is proof. Although their proof often cannot be linked to the Illuminati as well as the crimes they are said to have committed.

Many also say that the government is controlled by the Illuminati and they do what the Illuminati wants them to do. They link the most common symbols: the pyramid and the all seeing eye as evidence that connects this. This multi-genre project will help explain and present an in-depth truth behind the Illuminati.

What is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati was a secret society that was created to oppose equal rights given to other genders and different races. The Illuminati was later, in 1785, dismantled and no longer existed. There had been claims that they had been revived and that they regrouped but these were just one of many rumors created about the Illuminati. Many have claimed that the Illuminati has regrouped again in our modern time but this is just a conspiracy; there is no hard evidence that proves this is true.

Why Many Continue With The Rumors?

Many people make a profit off the rumors and conspiracy theories on the Illuminati. The Illuminati is used, mostly for celebrities, to get more attention. If many people think they worship the devil and are trying to take over the world, this will create more talk about them. This process will make them more popular and will only help them make more money.

Another way people can make money off of the Illuminati is by creating fear in the population. They will advertise providing services that will save the afraid population from the Illuminati and people may buy into this-- they may pay for this scam.

Who is apart of the Illuminati?

Many conspiracy theorists argue that the presidents of the United States are all apart of the Illuminati, most celebrities, as well as the very powerful people in the world who have that power because of their association and ties in the Illuminati.



The all-seeing eye was first created to represent that God sees everything; this was until many people began to claim it was not God’s eye, but the devil's eye instead. This is often a major symbol associated with the Illuminati. Many celebrities are seen creating the triangle with their two hands and placing it to the front of their eye to create the pyramid in public. This has now been explained as praise to the devil when it is done. For those in the Illuminati, it is know to be loyalty to the devil to show their commitment and to also show their spread of his message.

Research Connection

The visual shows the most common symbol of the Illuminati. Through my research, I have found that this is the most common and most seen symbol made by the supposed Illuminati. These symbols have been seen made by many celebrities and it is also believed to be seen in the production introductions on many television shows. The symbol has always been secretly placed so that you will typically won't notice it on your first glance. When seen by celebrities, many will show the camera this sign; it is much more obvious when done by celebrities. Many people will over-exercise something that may seem like the symbol. They may see a triangle and over-react referring it to the all-seeing Eye. The meaning of this symbol is both different and the same. The difference is whose eye is represented in the symbol. The symbol has been said to represent the eye of the devil and that he sees everything. The symbol has also been said to represent the eye of God and that he also sees everything.


Lighting Up What Already Illuminates...

When tomorrow comes along

The world could be shocked

The new world order could come upon

Everyone's afraid of what's unknown

But be afraid not your thoughts of the Illuminati were overblown

They may be real but not like what you think

They have a different purpose

Your thoughts of the Illuminati were false you should rethink

Just like any conspiracy they are only rumors

The Illuminati do not worship the devil

It is only told by the consumer

Many use it for their own growth

These rumors are meant for those to become known

Being apart of the Illuminati could make someone a bloomer

It is continued for gain and now you know

That everything said should outgrow

Outgrow your thoughts and to show

That every rumor was a blow

Research Connection

Many fear that one day they will wake up to a new world order that will raise the devil from Hell and with his power, destroy the world and torture everyone inside. Through my research, I have found no evidence that could link the Illuminati to this or any other evil and cruel things they are linked too. All I have found was what many believe that they have hard evidence but most of it is really dramatic-- something that can be considered common like maybe a triangle found on the ground or a pyramid created for design. Other stuff was created to mislead people into thinking that something or someone was a part of the Illuminati. My poem tells of how many people fear what is not even proven. Many people are scared and think that the Illuminati are going to take over the world. In my poem, it tells that the Illuminati may have been real but is merely only a conspiracy.

Research Connection

What has not been proven to the world is what scares the people the most. Many are just curious and will continue to seek the unknown but also continue to make false accusations on the topic. This will also create fear to others who believe the false ideas and this will only cause more chaos. Although some may not help and support these ideas in order to make their own profit. But based on these accusations, some can make a living and profit through these lies and rumors. Celebrities can become more popular when they come out as a part of the Illuminati. They will receive more attention and more publicity thus earning them more money. All they have to do is incorporate a couple of symbols in their music videos, shows, or anything else shown in the public eye and everyone will be quick to assume that they are a part of the Illuminati. Finding all of this through my research, I based my essay off of these topics.
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