General Georgy Zhukov

By Gaven Haughey

Birth, Death, and Early Life

Zhukov was born December 1st 1896 and he died June 18th 1974. He was a General of the Soviet Union's Red Army. He is significant because he stopped the war between the Soviets and the Japanese quickly and skillfully. Then when the German's tried taking Moscow Georgy completed a huge feat of moving the eastern half of his army across the country to help him defend Moscow and eventually push back the Germans.

Death and Spouses of Georgy

After the war Zhukov suffered from a stroke in 1967. He was hospitalized until June 1968 but still received medical attention. In 1974 he had another stroke and died. Georgy had two wives, and four daughters. His wives names were Alexandra, and Galina. His daughters' names are Era, Margarita, Ella, and Maria.

Interesting Facts

  1. Georgy was born a peasant, and spent his whole life in the army. First it was the Imperial army, then it was the Red army after 1918.
  2. There was a story that he escaped being purged by Joseph Stalin because of an administrative clerical error.
  3. When he retired he wrote articles for the Russian Periodicals.