healthy VS. unhealthy

by colton corl


Have you ever wondered about food you eat? First, there are many food that are healthy and some that are unhealthy.

body 1

for example there are many foods that are not healthy for you like . Fast food is bad for you because they don't use real food and pizza has a lot of fat and increases heart attack. one other one is sugar sugar is bad for you because it contains not essanchal nurants is bad for your teeth

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There are many foods that are heathy for you like celery is a low cal vestable that is very good for you. one outher one is fruit are rich in vitamins and mineral's that helps feel heathy. the last one is water has no artificial flavor and no pesevitves water is just plane.


in closing there are a lot of foods that are unheathy for you. so watch what you eat and make good choices