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January Update: 1/10/21


Dear Boulder Creek Families,

Well, I don't know about you, but I am happy to say that 2020 is over. And although there will still be plenty of bumps in the road, I foresee the road smoothing-out as our 2021 journey proceeds. My sincere hope is that we have a relative return to unity and normalcy by Fall 2021.

We have made it through another round of Distance Learning (DL). I hope we won't have to return to DL as a whole school or district for the remainder of the school year. However, we all need to keep in mind that there are sure to be times when a class or classes may slide in and out of DL due to a shortage of substitutes. Please know if this happens, it is beyond our control. We want our students on campus!

Our teachers and support staff will be revisiting this year's school expectations with our students as though it's the beginning of the year. We can all use the reminders. It would be very helpful if you could review the Phase 3 - In-person Learning Restrictions below with your child/children before they return to campus. Please get masks ready each evening before school the next day. Students should always have an extra face mask handy in their backpacks in case they left their primary mask at home or in the car at drop-off. Remember, ALL (TK-8) students and parents need to wear a mask as they enter and exit school each day. We will be asking all those who don't have a mask to wear one. We appreciate your cooperation. All 3-8 students will also be required to wear masks in their classrooms. We will enter the remainder of the school year fearless, but this doesn't mean we will be reckless. Remember, we want to stay open!

We are all extremely excited to greet our students at the gate again! I wish all of our families the very best of health and a much happier 2021.

Tina Croes

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Click HERE to register online.


It's already that time of year again! And, we can't wait until 2021-22 as we are staying positive that Boulder Creek will be able to return to many of the activities and events that enhance student learning as well as our family-like culture.

**REMEMBER** You do not have to re-register your child if he/she is already a Boulder Creek student.

We register students on a priority system with the first priority going to those who reside in the school attendance area and are not currently enrolled in school. Here are the registration dates and corresponding priorities:

Starting January 11, 2021

  • Residents of the school attendance area, not currently enrolled in school

Starting January 19, 2021

  • Those who moved into the attendance area after the first registration period
  • Siblings already in the school of choice with an Inter/Intra-District Agreement
  • Those who live inside the Enterprise Elementary School District boundaries with an Intra-District Agreement.

Starting January 25, 2021

  • Those who live outside of the Enterprise Elementary School District boundaries with an Inter-District Agreement. (See below for more information on Interdistrict Transfer).

If you have specific questions, you may contact our Student Services Clerk, Devin McComas at dmccomas@eesd.net or 530-224-4140.

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Phase 3 = In-Person Learning with Restrictions

Remember, when you decided to send your child back to school for Phase 3 - In-person Learning, you agreed to the following in accordance with with the district's re-opening plan (see link below):

  • EVERY MORNING BEFORE LEAVING FOR SCHOOL take your child's temperature and run through the EESD self-screening checklist. See the CDC symptom list. Students and adults with any of the symptoms on the list should stay home and notify the office.

  • Students will arrive as close as possible to the start time (see bell schedule below) of the youngest child in the household. There will be no early drop-off as the playground and cafeteria will be closed per Shasta County Public Health and the need to not mix cohorts of students. Students will go directly to their classes upon arrival and will not be allowed to congregate on school grounds.

  • Adults/volunteers are not allowed onto campus without a pre-approved appointment. ALL adults must wear a mask when on campus.

  • We will make an exception to the above in the mornings for Kindergarten students only. Parents wearing a mask may walk K's to the exterior classroom door and leave promptly.

  • ALL students (TK-8) will wear a mask and practice social distancing when arriving on campus and departing at the end of the day, as these are our highest traffic times. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR CHILD LEAVES THE HOUSE IN THE MORNING WITH HIS/HER MASK. If you need help obtaining a washable mask for your child, please contact your child's teacher or our school office.

  • ALL TK-8 students are required to wear a mask while on campus with the exception of when they are eating and drinking. Short breaks will be provided during the day outside, when students can maintain six feet of social distance, for those students who need them.

  • At a minimum, all students will be asked to wash and/or sanitize their hands every time they enter or exit the classroom.

  • Students will need to maintain social distancing wherever feasible while at school. They should always follow the directions of their teachers or support staff.

Please review these rules with your child so he/she knows what is expected before they return.

DROP-OFF/PICK-UP TIMES AND PARKING LOT PROCEDURES Where/when should I drop-off and pick-up?

Grade-Level Start and End Times

If you have more than one child at Boulder Creek, your family's start time is decided by the start time of the youngest child in the family. Teachers know which of their students are older siblings and therefore will not mark them tardy for coming in a little late. This flexibility is built-in because we can't have younger siblings on campus early with no place to go. Please see the times below and drop-off accordingly so all children in the family can go straight to class upon arrival.

School Start Times:

  • 6-8 grades begin at 8:00 am (classrooms and office gate will be open at 7:45)

  • 3-5 grades begin at 8:07 am (classrooms and gates will be open at 7:52)

  • K-2 grades begin at 8:15 am (classrooms and gates will be open at 8:00)

Students will be released from class based upon the dismissal time of the youngest child in the family. This way, parents will not have to wait for two or three dismissal times. This helps us clear our parking lots must faster and avoid long periods of time with many students in our pick-up areas. Students will be walked to a designated pick-up area (see below) and remain with their teacher/classmates. If they have an older sibling(s), the sibling will be excused from class early to meet their youngest sibling at the designated pick-up area. Please coordinate this with your children.

School End Times:

  • 4-8 dismissal @ 1:10 pm (teachers on duty in assigned lot) until 1:25 pm

  • K-3 dismissal @ 1:00 pm (teachers on duty in assigned lot) until 1:15 pm

It is crucial that your child/children are picked up from school on time. We do not want them to mix cohorts, and there is no supervision for them beyond their own teachers' duty time.

Assigned Parking Lots for Drop-off and Pick-up

This year, you will be assigned to a specific parking lot for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. It is extremely important that you stick to this because your child will be taken to this area after school. If you have multiple BC children, we do not want you to have to go from parking lot to parking lot, so you will be picking all of your children up together in one location.

This location is decided by the youngest child in the family. Older children in the family will need to find their youngest sibling at the pick-up location that is assigned to that sibling's grade level. For example, Kindergarten will be picked up in the front parking lot, so all older siblings of Kindergartners will be dismissed at the Kindergarten dismissal time to find their Kindergarten sibling's class at the front of the school and wait for their parent there together. We will be out to help older siblings find their pick-up point. This should only take a day or two to get into the routine of where to go.

Parking Lot Assignments by Grade-Level:

  • TK/K (and all older siblings) - Front Lot
  • 1 and 2 (and all older siblings) - Back Lot

  • 3 and 4 (and all older siblings) - Front Lot

  • 5 (and all older siblings) - Back Lot

  • 6-8 (and all older siblings) Front Lot

Please do not arrive earlier than your youngest child's release time (see above), as we want to be able to clear the parking lot quickly for each group. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please review the BC Flow of Traffic Map in order to determine which way to enter/exit the campus from the neighborhood depending on which parking lot you are assigned. Front lot = red arrows. Back lot = green arrows.

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Please come into the parking lot from the appropriate direction in the neighborhood. Traffic gets blocked when cars are trying to cross-over at the east driveway. If everyone follows the flow of traffic, entering and exiting the parking lots shortly after 1:00 p.m. should be a continuous flow like an open faucet.
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Friday, January 1st: New Year's Day

Monday, January 4th: Staff Development Day - No school for students

Tuesday, January 5th - Friday, January 8th: Resume Distance Learning

Monday, January 11th: Return to Phase 3, In-Person learning

Wednesday, January 13th: Parent Club Meeting (via Google Meet)

Monday, January 18th: Martin Luther King Jr Day - No school


Teachers will be taking lunch and breakfast counts each day. Lunch will be served one grade-level at a time in the cafeteria to allow for feasible distancing. Breakfast will not be served on campus. Instead, non-perishable breakfast items will be offered to students as they exit the gates each day for students to take with them. Breakfast will be expected to be eaten at home before school. There will continue to be no charge for breakfast or lunch through the end of the school year.

If your child is a Distance Learner and you need cafeteria meals, you may order meals on a weekly basis and pick up a box of frozen meals for the week on Mondays. If you would like this option, please email our Head Cook, Melody Alspach, at malspach@eesd.net.

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* This is the EESD menu and is subject to changes at each school site.


The Boulder Creek School Office is staffed from 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. each day. However, if you need to conduct school business in person, please call ahead and make an appointment so we can avoid a crowded office. Always remember to maintain a social distance of six feet and wear a mask when you come onto campus. Thank you.


EESD School Year Plan for 2020-2021

Please review this plan with your child periodically or when returning to in-person learning.

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  • help@eesd.net: for Chromebook questions (including how to get a device); technology troubleshooting as directed by your child's teacher
  • eesd.net: for online resources and other district information
  • bouldercreek.eesd.net: for weekly newsletters and other information


All parents, including new parents, should have logged into the Parent Portal at some point this school year. Why do you need to create a parent account? This is a secure platform through which you will receive your child’s report card, complete enrollment, and complete the necessary beginning of the year school forms like your child's emergency card. In the future, this is also how state testing results will be communicated.

Click HERE for the link to the parent portal. If you cannot log-in successfully, please email our tech helpline at help@eesd.net. Be sure to keep your log-in information in a safe but accessible place.


Under What Circumstances Could Boulder Creek Students Move to Distance Learning?

Even though we are doing everything possible to remain in Phase 3 - In-person Learning, there are some circumstances that may require we enter Distance Learning as a school or as a cohort. These situations include:

  • Directive of public health

  • Positive cases at a school site(s)

  • Inadequate staffing for classrooms (due to staff illness or quarantine)

  • A decline in county conditions resulting in a move to the “widespread” tier

It is always our intention to provide as much notice as possible so our parents can plan accordingly. However, under some circumstances listed above the notice may be short. Please click HERE for a parent message from EESD that includes the most up-to-date county health information as it relates to our schools as well as a link to the ever-changing CDC COVID-19 symptom list.