The Aztec

Architecture, religion, and customs

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Have you ever wondered what happened to the buildings the Aztec built, or where the Aztec's went, well here is you answer. The Aztec's were a complex civilization, and

they built a lot of things, including the Grand city of Mexico, which is now Mexico City.

The Aztec also built temples to use for churches, capitals, and shelters, and in the Aztec empire they had huge temples. They built roads over water to get across so they did not always travel by boat. They also made altars out of wood to put in the temples, and churches.

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The Aztec's had a lot of customs. They loved to dance, play music, and perform juggling tricks, you could say they specialize in it. They dressed as an eagle, and a jaguar to represent themselves during there wars. The Aztecs went to church to worship there gods by saying prayers, playing music, and giving offerings.

What They Did

The Aztecs wood worship their gods at the altars they made. The Aztec played the game Ullamalitzli, they would play this game to get ready for war. They also played the board game Patolli, just for fun, because we all want a little bit of fun.
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The Aztec Gods

The Aztec had many gods. A couple of them are Huitzilopochtli, he was the sun and war god. Tlaloc was the god of rain, and water. Chicomecoatl was the goddess of corn, and Quetzalcoatl was the god of life, and nature.


The Aztecs first believed that Cortes, was the god of Quetzalcoatl. Ometecuhtli and his female partner, Omecihuatl were the highest of all gods in all the Aztec religon, and Tonatiuh was the fifth, and final sun or world.